Trans-Savoie 2013 - Results and Video 3

Adopting a familiar rally-style format, the Trans-Savioe consists of several timed downhill-biased stages each day (typically 4 to 5) with a total daily timed descent of an incredible 4000-5000 vertical metres covering a distance of 35-50km - for a total of 6 days of racing back-to-back! The average climb-per-day sits at 800-1000m vertical, of which 95%+ is climbable without dismounting. The terrain is a blend of open and exposed high-alpine and lower-level forrested singletrack, basically a mixture of tight & technical, fast and flowing, rocky and rooty, and as mentioned, often exposed. Taking full advantage of the mechanical uplifts available, the Trans-Savoie is about shredding the most challenging and spectacular singletrack there the backdrop of Mt Blanc and other epic peaks that dominate the Savoie region. Check out the videos and the results from the 2013 edition, won by Mr. Mega himself, Rene Wildhaber.


Stage 1-2

Stage 3-4

Stage 5-6

2013 Trans-Savoie Final Standings (full results):


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