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After three years of loyal service, the 2008 World Championship-winning Supreme DH , as used by Gee and Rachel Atherton, is evolving for even more performance. This latest version of our technological flagship is the logical next step in the evolution of the actual Supreme DH,designed for and developed with our World Cup riders. Two years of hard work has been necessary to take the first ideas and transform them into our first prototype frames, with the help of the Athertons, our SuperRiders and COMMENCAL’s engineering team.

Contact System

The Contact System, so important and synonymous with the brand, is used again, but evolves for optimized performance. The Contact System EVO enables us to lower the centre of gravity and reduce the stress acting on the frame.
PhotoWith this new setup, the seatstays replace the connecting rods. The suspension curve’s progressiveness is very similar to the previous system, with 200mm/8” of vertical travel.

The new setup results in considerably reduced stress to the frame, with the rocker activating both the floating rear shock and the chainstays.

The main pivot point is moved slightly forward and a little higher. This position allows a rear wheel trajectory that is more favorable for shock absorption and a better-balanced bike during its operation.

The Supreme DH v3 is ready to take on the World Cup circuit, with a frame geometry that clearly indicates its intentions.

Developed with the help of our riders, the most obvious difference between this Supreme DH and the previous version is a lower bottom bracket height. This characteristic is extremely important for super-quick direction changes and results in increased stability and maneuverability, as well as a better feel for the terrain being ridden. The seat tube angle is also more pronounced, ensuring any unwanted contact between the saddle and rear wheel at the end of its travel. Such a consideration is important for the likes of Gee and Dan who both ride with the saddle as low as possible.
PhotoThe Supreme DH maintains its excellent adaptability. It is equipped with a new generation adjustable head tube that is lighter and has three 3 head angle positions. Using two half-cups that house a semi-integrated 1”1/8 Cane Creek-standard headset, it is possible to have either -1°, 0° or +1° of adjustment over the standard head tube angle.

It is also possible to mount a tapered steerer-tube fork in the 0° position with the use of a FSA standard headset (#42/ACB ).

Currently in prototype form, the frame has two dropout designs; one with a fixed position, the other with a degree of adjustability.

The fixed position dropout design offers a 442.5mm/17.4” chainstay length. The axle is directly bolted to the frame, with an expander system to avoid any unwanted loosening of the axle.

The adjustable dropout design offers three positions: 435mm, 442.5mm and 450mm/17.13”, 17.4” and 17.72”. This new system results in easier rear wheel removal via the oblong-shaped inserts for the wheel axle and the brake caliper mount. The brake is perfectly positioned regardless of the chosen wheelbase adjustment.

The brake caliper has been positioned so as to reduce the effect of braking forces on the suspension as much as possible.
PhotoFrame Construction
One of the defining features of the very first Supreme DH was the shock tunnel in the front triangle, an element carried over to the second generation DH . COMMENC AL has persisted with this design on the latest version as it allows us to position the rear shock wherever we want, while conserving a closed front triangle design, a benchmark for optimal rigidity.

The shock tunnel is the backbone of the frame, integrating the bottom bracket, the ISCG 05 mounts, the main pivot bearings, and the rocker/frame pivot bearings. Perfect alignment and positioning of all these elements is achieved by re-machining all the forged parts after welding.

To obtain a surface area that is as large as possible for the main pivot bearings while keeping enough room for the shock to fit in the tunnel, we have chosen to use a Shimano standard Press Fit bottom bracket. Any 83mm-compatible crankset from Shimano, Truvativ, Race Face and FS A can be used.

The top tube consists of two parts. The main down tube is positioned as close as possible to the shock tunnel to counter the forces generated by the rear suspension. The second part of the top tube allows for a decrease in standover height, while maintaining a sufficient seat tube length.

The frame makes use of a triple-butted 7005 aluminum, which, after being welded, undergoes two T4 and T6 thermal treatments to reinforce its mechanical characteristics. In addition, there is also a bead-blast finish that further increases its resistance. The 3D parts are forged 7005 aluminum and are assembled as two halves, providing a light yet solid build with a great finish.

The pivot points rotate on oversized bearings, a hallmark of reliability and optimal rigidity. By using 15mm axles on the seat/chainstay, seatstay/rocker and rocker/frame pivots, we have been able to use larger 7075 T6 alloy bolts that are anodized and come with their torque settings laser-engraved on their surface. The 10mm shock axle bolts are treated identically.

In order to have a centre of gravity as low as possible, the main pivot is made up of two axle halves axles allowing room for the shock during its use.

Finally, the mud encountered on trails everywhere has been catered for with an opening under the down tube allowing for improved mud evacuation. Include as standard are a shock mudguard, protection for the internal cable/hose routing through the headtube and chainstay protector, perfectly adapted to the shape of the frame.
Since 2009, COMMENCAL’s frames made huge steps forward in reliability, with certain issues of the past having being specifically addressed.

Each frame is submitted to an array of tests that are easily more demanding then those required by EN standards. Area-specific tests that we have developed target potential reliability issues. And by testing each new platform out on the trails in the most extreme conditions possible, we are able to offer frames that can resist anything out there.

Numerous Supreme DH v3s have been produced to undergo no less then 8 specific machine tests, with high thresholds and weight loads. As an example, European legislation imposes a weighted head tube to last a minimum of 50000 cycles. We impose on our frames a minimum of 1 million cycles before any signs of stress or cracks on the frame.

In addition to these machine tests, a significant number of frames have been reserved for trail testing. With the help of our SuperRiders, these frames have enabled us to develop this model in the best possible conditions. We have been able to confirm our machine test results and therefore offer the strongest Supreme DH v3 possible.
Tech Sheet
_Rear wheel travel 200mm/8” // Rear shock 9” x 3” // Hardware 22.2mm x 10mm
_New generation 3-position headtube -1°, 0°, +1° // Possibility to mount a tapered steerer tube fork
with the 0° position
_International standard brake mount, positioned to reduce the effect of braking forces (brake jack) on
the suspension
_Fixed wheelbase version // chainstay length: 442.5mm/17.40”
_Adjustable wheelbase version //
chainstay length: 435mm, 442.5mm and 450mm / 17.13”, 17.40” and 17.72”
_Hub size 150x12mm
_83mm crankset standard // Shimano
Press Fit bottom bracket
_ISCG 05 mounts
_Triple butted 7005 aluminum
_Internal cable and brake hose routing
_Headtube internal cable and
hose protection included as standard
_Integrated mudguard included as standard
_Drive side chainstay protection included as standard
_31.6mm seat tube diameter // 34.9mm seat
clamp diameter
_2 sizes available: S/M and L/XL

Geometry Details
For a bike equipped with a 570mm/22.44” axle-to-crown height and 45mm/1.77” offset with the 0° headtube position.
Seat tube: 63° angle, 70mm/2.76” offset
Projected horizontal top tube measurement: S/M – 567mm/22.32” // L/XL – 587mm/23.11”
Bottom bracket height (wheel axle difference): +14mm/0.55”
Head angle: 64°
Chainstay length: 435mm // 442.5mm // 450mm / 17.13”, 17.40” and 17.72”
Headtube height: 124mm/4.88”
Seat tube length: 400mm/15.75”
Reach: S/M – 380mm/14.96” // L/XL – 400mm/15.75”

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