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​The 2015 edition of Red Bull Rampage is in the books, and as usual when it comes to judged events, not without controversy. Take a look at the 5 top scoring runs from the day, and let us know who YOU think should have won in the comments below (HINT: you may include a rider who did NOT score in the top 5.../HINT)...

1st place - Kurt Sorge

​2nd place - Andreu Lacondeguy

​3rd place - Graham Agassiz

​4th place - Brandon Semenuk

​5th place - Thomas Genon

​All videos by Red Bull.

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iceman2058 iceman2058 10/17/2015 10:25 AM

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ZINK SHOULD HAVE WON! BIG GNARLY LINE, BIG GNARLY TRICKS. Rampage is about that, not one big drop and a groomed run the rest of the way. It was original also... Semenuk's was insane, same with Andreau's as well so who the hell knows.

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Genon looked good! Camera missed his biggest move... i.e. a huge drop. The rest of his run looked more dialed than the freehuckers.

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Sorge's run was sick, but I think they scored him higher so that the same line wouldn't win two years in a row.

Zink's line had more raw gnar than any top 5, and he tricked two massive hits. I was literally cringing watching his run. All I can think is that the judges couldn't see him very well.

Semenuk is pretty much in a league of his own as far as style, flow, and dialed tricks. Massive flat drop flip in the gnar zone, nose bonk, and lily pad to oppo 3 were just wizardry. He made rampage look easy and that probably hurt him.

The judges def. have a thing for Fest boys' huge "donger".

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Zink should have definitely won. He nailed all the categories, it was the perfect rampage run in my eyes. People see all of Semenuks tricks and go wow that was insane, but rampage is about 4 categories, and style/tricks only one part of it. (Amplitude, Style, Fluidity, and Line difficulty all weighted the same)

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Sooooo... Basically you had to ride that ridge to be in the top 5...

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Yep, and explains why Lacondegay and Faggy went all "get off my lawn" on the other riders... Competition is stupid now.

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1st and 2nd seem right. From there, it's a bit blurry. Semenuk or Zink should have been 3rd and Aggy 4th or 5th.

If Andreu doesn't sideways case that hip, he's repeat champion.

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It just goes to show that the one thing that nobody can debate is that Remy Metailler put down the faster time.

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Aggy's run looked better than Andreu's to me... he greased the first drop and managed to throw a one foot table after the g-out, suicide on the ridge, huge whip/table off the hip, suicide off the donger. Andreu got sketchy and cased immediately after the drop, no tricks on the ridge, sketchy flatspin to case, no trick off the donger.

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scriz- You're not watching the same runs as the rest of us then, haha. Andreau's run definitely deserves a higher place. Just that upper hip alone where he flat 450s it and Aggy just did a whip... same with the lowest hit where Andreau backied it and again, Aggy just styled it out.

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