Strength in Numbers, New Anthill Films MTB Project 3

Anthill Films, the production company that brought you Follow Me and the crew behind Seasons, Roam and the Collective, is excited to announce a new film called ‘Strength in Numbers’ to be released Spring 2012.

Strength in Numbers will explore the shared experiences
that connect us all, regardless of location or language, as mountain
bikers.  From the weekend warrior chained to a desk to the bike-bum who
worries that even riding every single day of the season still might not
be quite enough to satisfy.  The purist riding alone in far-flung parts
of the globe has the same single-minded focus that drives the most
elite racers to be world champion.  Call it passion, obsession or
something else that we can’t quite put our finger on, the film will
delve into diverse mountain bike communities in search of an answer.

But Strength in Numbers will be more than just a film.  Following the community-based film concept, Strength in Numbers
will be available for all mountain bikers to experience and share.  The
film will be available for free – online.  At the end of a world-wide
premiere tour in spring 2012, Strength in Numbers will be
streamed online for free – creating the potential to spread the culture
of mountain biking to every corner of the planet.  “As a crew, we’re
always looking for ways to grow the sport and one day it just hit us…
we should make the movie free,” says Darcy Wittenburg
Producer/Cinematographer for Anthill Films.  “We’ve been talking about
it for a while but now the technology has reached a point where we feel
like we can pull it off at a level that our audience has come to
expect.  It’s a bit scary to just put it out there – but we’d rather be
trying new, unique things than settling for what’s comfortable.”

Free online streaming will not be the only way to see the film.  On
top of exclusive worldwide premiere events, fans will have the
opportunity to get the film in all kinds of formats.  For those that
want a digital copy when not connected to the internet, a low cost
download will be available through iTunes and the Anthill website.  As
well, a limited edition DVD/BluRay will be available with tons of extra
features, including a full-length documentary about the making of the

Anthill has spent more time and money than ever before to make sure Strength in Numbers showcases the crew’s best possible work.  Since wrapping up Follow Me
last spring, the crew and riders have spent months researching and
developing stories that represent the many different sides of the
sport.  “From concept to visuals this is our most ambitious project
ever”, says Darcy. “Our goal is to create something that helps define
the culture of our sport.”   To execute this vision, Anthill has
invested heavily in all new production equipment that will integrate
camera systems such as the Phantom HD and Red Epic into a completely
overhauled kit.

Stay tuned for more announcements next week.  Throughout the year
the Anthill crew will be posting regular updates from the field on
Facebook and Twitter – make sure to follow us to get all the latest
inside info.

Anthill Films is an award-winning action sport production company
based in Squamish, B.C.  Anthill is owned and operated collectively by
Colin Jones, Darcy Wittenburg, Darren McCullough, Ian Dunn and Jonathan


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