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Qualifying at the iXS Downhill Cup in Maribor has concluded today with a host of World Cup-caliber riders getting their feet wet for the UCI World Cup Downhill race next weekend. While most riders dropped in, there were a select few that show up as DNS (Aaron Gwin and Tahnee Seagrave are examples). We're waiting to hear the official word, but some have hinted at just going to get some practice on the course without risking injury by actually racing.

Riders not in attendance from the top end of the World Cup standings include Syndicate riders and Loic Bruni to name a few. It's an interesting situation for riders. Mid-pack World Cuppers would gain confidence by posting up at the iXS race (like David Trummer did today). Top-end World Cuppers could have confidence impacted with a less-than-stellar result (assuming they tried hard). Either way, it's fun to have some big racing in our laps.

Elite Men's Qualifying Results (full results)

31 top elite men will go through to the Super Final this time (top 30 qualifiers + any protected riders not placed in the top 30 in qualifying). The 31st rider in this case is Gee Atherton. The Super Final is held last. The final ranking of classification is made up of the rankings of the Super Final followed by the rankings of the small final (the remainder of qualified riders).




Elite Women's Qualifying (full results)


Tahnee was a DNS, not sure if she just didn't want to race or if something else happened

Junior Men's Qualifying (full results)

Here is the sharp end of the junior men's qualifying (check the full results in the link above for the complete list):


David Trummer's whip that took him to 2nd place today


LOL from @tahneeseagrave


sspomer sspomer 4/20/2019 7:55 AM

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Whilst I'm excited to see race season begin, this seems somewhat unfair on the wc riders not able to attend.

Next weekend won't have a level playing field

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i think any serious WC racer could have attended this race if they chose to. we're hearing that the WC course will have some different sections than this iXS course. not sure how stats line up historically, but often we see riders at a venue well before a race and it's never a slam dunk that they win or perform well. it almost seems like it can backfire to some degree.

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Yeah, I agree, cream always rises and it's racing so anything can happen.

But... still not a level playing field. The guys who aren't there this weekend have a track to learn, the guys that are only have new sections to dial in.

Imagine if Bronson wins next weekend and Vergier comes second, then there'll be a 'what if' question to answer. That wouldn't be fair on either athlete.

But meh, we're not the victims, we get to see more racing clips on Instagram and pit bits on vital. So it's a win for sports fans

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Like Danny Hart camping out at Fort William a couple years ago (I think I read this in an interview), then having issues that weekend and getting 59th. It's not a guarantee.

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Yep. If I remember rightly, Danny Hart spent weeks up at Fort William before the WC one year, and that didn't net him the win.

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