RESULTS: Oton and Ravanel Win in Italy, Sam Hill Crowned 2017 EWS Champion 9

5 times DH World Champion, 2 times overall DH World Cup Champion, and now the 2017 Enduro World Series Champion. All hail the Flat Pedal Thunder from Down Under!

RESULTS: Oton and Ravanel Win in Italy, Sam Hill Crowned 2017 EWS Champion

When Sam Hill arrived on the world DH scene, it was another breath of fresh air in a sport that had already seen its fair share of iconic champions. With an attacking style and fearless line choice, Sam Hill was THE MAN in the 2000s. After having grown tired of "always racing the same courses", Sam decided to have a go at Enduro racing in 2016, where many doubted whether the flat pedal rider would have what it takes to tackle the long, hard days in the saddle and a bunch of tracks that may or may not favor the fittest. To see Sam rise to this challenge has been a privilege, especially for those of us who look back with fondness and maybe even goosebumps at those legendary years where Sam pretty much had his way with the world DH circuit. To have ridden the way he has ridden in 2017 is beyond incredible, and we take our hats off in salute to this great champion. We literally could not have been more stoked had we won the damn thing ourselves! He came into this 8th and final round here in Finale Ligure with a 110 point lead, needing to finish ahead of his nearest challenger Adrien Dailly to secure the overall title - and not only did Sam do that, but he landed himself on the third step of the podium for the race in the process! Take a minute and hear from the man himself, and savor this new chapter in a legendary tale that seems to have no end:

2017 Enduro World Series Round 8, Finale Ligure Final Results Men (full results)

2017 Enduro World Series Round 8, Finale Ligure Final Results Women (full results)

2017 Enduro World Series Final Overall Standings Men (full standings)

2017 Enduro World Series Final Overall Standings Women (full standings)

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  • matmattmatthew

    10/2/2017 6:15 AM

    Given the weather this year, along with the varied terrain, it's amazing that Sam finished no lower than 6th at any one race.

  • lister_yu

    10/1/2017 2:31 PM

    so fu**ing awesome

  • jive turkey

    10/1/2017 12:50 PM

    Awesome. What a legend! Bet you guys had no idea he also uses flat pedals when he rides...

  • piggy

    10/1/2017 12:03 PM

    congrats to sam, but if we talk about him like an all-time DH legend, how then should we describe Aaron Gwin - a rider who has been far more dominant and consistent and for longer than Hill ever was? or Greg Minnaar - a guy who gets better with age, keeps "racing the same tracks", keeps getting faster, and is (for now) the GOAT of DH?

  • iceman2058

    10/1/2017 12:10 PM

    Why do you want us to talk about Aaron and Greg in an article about Sam Hill winning the EWS? Saying that Sam Hill was and is a great champion takes nothing away from any other rider who has also accomplished great things - before OR after Sam.

  • piggy

    10/2/2017 7:56 AM

    fair point.

  • Dogboy

    10/1/2017 1:35 PM

    Not to discount Gwin's World Cup wins, but where are all of his World Champ jerseys? Sam was consistent in the overall race series and also consistently won Word Champs - twice as a Junior and 3 times in Elites.

  • xenowolfxiii

    10/1/2017 11:38 PM

    Aaron maybe the fastest DH racer and Greg maybe the GOAT but Sam hill is Chuck Norris.

  • LCW

    10/1/2017 9:30 AM

    All I can say is... Sam F***ing Hill.

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