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Photo: Brandon Turman

Kyle Strait wins Red Bull Rampage as winds shut down 2nd runs. 1st run scores determined the final results of the 2013 Red Bull Rampage. Kelly McGarry (who placed 2nd) earned the Viewers' Choice award and Cam Zink won Best Trick with his massive stepdown flip on the Oakley Icon Sender.


After so much hype and anticipation, the big day finally got here. After weeks of building and preparation, qualifications added 12 riders to the 13 already prequalified, and so it was that we found ourselves on gameday with 25 of the world's best riders ready to take on some of the wildest runs ever constructed (Brendan Howey stepped in for Thomas Vanderham who was prequalified but injured himself in practice).

The wind would be an issue throughout the day, enough to add an extra level of difficulty (insult?) to already gnarly conditions.

T-Mac was first up, and you could tell he was worried about the wind. After a couple of minutes of hold, he decided to drop in, and he nailed his huge and almost totally natural line, setting an 80.5 as the mark to beat. "So happy to be at the bottom right now" summed up the conditions at the outset.Mike Montgomery and Wil White would come up short, and then Brendog nailed his canyon gap!! And threw a huge nac over a big wood booter! 75.50 and Brendan was stoked.Semenuk next on deck with a throwaway run after sliding off his goat trail just after the start.

Andreu Lacondeguy was next up, he threw down a superb run which included 2 backflips, stomping the old Oakley Sender, stretching a superman, and holding incredible speed throughout his run which also includes a super exposed double up top, to net him an 84.25 and the lead.

Nico Vink up next, big line, but not enough in it. Graham Agassiz then - what an incredible line! Huge 360 on a drop up top, dumped and smooth as you like, but sadly he cased the Oakley Sender and had a hard landing on the final wall ride transfer - certainly this looked like a possible podium or even winning run if he could hold it.Doerfling slid out at the very start, and he would have to put it all on the line for run 2. Gully backed down from the Oakley Sender, didn't look completely comfortable, but ended his run with a 360 drop - a 64 and he clearly had more. Binggeli went big and fast, if a bit scruffy, and his run landed him mid-pack.

Kyle Strait was the first to go off the top of the Oakley Icon Sender, and with some style too - he pulled a trademark no-hander and greased the landing! He rode a full line including tricks which produced an 87.50 to take the lead, and incredibly, he probably actually left some tricks out there, would we see them during the second run?

Photo: Brandon Turman

Of course, then there was Zink. You could feel the anticipation in the air as he consulted his buddy Strait regarding the sender...he nailed the backflip off the top of the Oakley Icon Sender! So euphoric to have landed it, he basically rolled the rest of the course and was rewarded for his bravery with an 84.75 and into second place at the time. When asked if he would go for the backflip again on his second run, the answer came straight back "oh yeah, for sure". That's all Zink right there.

Paul Bas took a big tumble, but was able to get up and walk it off. Mitch Chubey would not be so lucky, going down once again on Gee's Gap, and hurting his back. Hopkins next up, and he too took a big crash up top, which netted him a dirt nap and a lot to ponder for run 2.

Pierre Eduoard Ferry once again honored his "Liquid Pierre" nickname with a smooth run that included a big backflip right up top - PEF landed a 76.5 and he was "f@ckin stoked" in his own words...Thomas Genon followed and threw down a solid big mountain line to honor the slopestyle community - you had a feeling there might be more for run 2. Antoine Bizet slid out at the very start and aborted his run, and Garett Buehler nailed a very technical and natural line that ended on Gee's hip - 74.5, and into 7th place for Garett. Next up Norbs, and yes there was talk of redemption. He'd go down on a 3 drop, but still got up and finished his run with a big backflip...he clearly had enough in the tank to have a chance with run 2.

Cam McCaul was the first rider to tackle the canyon gap side - nailed it cleanly and threw a lot of tricks and general good times throughout his run as well - 75.75, and he'd need something a bit more special for run 2. Ramon Hunziker had a flowy run for 10th down the canyon gap side as well.

And then only Kelly McGarry was left up top. Unbelievably, after a corked out backflip up top, he stomped a back flip on the canyon gap, followed by another one lower down. A monumental feat, really only bettered on the day by Zink's Oakley Sender backflip, which would earn Kelly an 86.75 and second place going into round 2. The big Kiwi was really in his element.

Standings After Run 1


They reracked the riders for run 2, down to 24 after Chubey was flown off to Vegas for evaluation (early reports say he moves his limbs and is generally OK).

T-mac added a backflip to his huge and very exposed line, earning him an 85.75 and into third! Well-deserved, knowing that his line included a natural drop pretty much the size of the Oakley Sender. Montgomery took a tumble, but Wil White upped his game from run 1, landing him in 12th at the time.Fairclough was back for run 2 with a lot of confidence, absolutely NAILED his gap this time, and Brendog would claw his way above Cam McCaul into 7th.

Semenuk next. Could he hold it together? His line and his plans for riding it were clearly a notch above, but sadly it was not to be. He over-rotated a 360 up top (right above his huge canyon drop/gap), and he went down hard. Such an anticlimax. He would go on to finish his run, including another big crash on a backflip drop - but this was not to be his day.

86.25 for Andreu into third! One-handed superman seat-grab was a clear crowd-favorite! And now all eyes were on Aggy, would he stomp his line? The perfect dumped 3 again, the perfect backflip...and then he overshot the booter after the Oakley Sender, and got off line, unable to finish his run - another what if.

Doerfling came back strong after his first round crash, and rode his line smoothly. Geoff Gulevich left nothing out there, 2 big crashes left him winded but OK. He had a gnarly backflip in the top section which left us wondering what could have been. Binggeli then took an incredibly hard crash attempting a backflip from the middle of the Oakley Sender, and was evacuated by the medical staff. Early word pointed to a leg injury, we'll bring you more as we get it.

The course was then put on wind hold as another one of the Utah Special afternoon storms reared its head, and the riders were forced to wait it out. Ultimately the contest was called and first run scores determined final results. Stay tuned for more action and info as it becomes available.




  1. Kyle Strait       USA - 87.50
  2. Kelly McGarryNZL - 86.75
  3. Cameron ZinkUSA - 84.75
  4. AndreuLacondeguy ESP - 84.25
  5. Tyler McCaul      USA - 80.50
  6. Pierre Edouard Ferry FRA - 76.50
  7. Cam McCaul      USA - 75.75
  8. Brendan Fairclough GBR - 75.50
  9. Garett Buehler CAN - 74.50
  10. Thomas Genon BEL - 72.50
  11. Ramon Hunziker       SUI - 71.50
  12. Mike Montgomery USA - 66.75
  13. Logan Binggeli USA - 66.25
  14. Wil White       USA - 64.75
  15. Geoff Gulevich CAN - 64.25
  16. Nico Vink       BEL - 63.75
  17. Graham Agassiz       CAN - 56.25
  18. Kyle Norbraten CAN - 53.75
  19. Brendan Howey       CAN - 52.00
The following riders had a score of 0.00 because they did not complete their run: Mike Hopkins (CAN), Brandon Semenuk (CAN), James Doerfling (CAN), Antoine Bizet (FRA), Paul Basagoitia (USA), Mitch Chubey (CAN)
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