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After so many challenges in 2020 already, the weather almost got the best of us just as elite level racing was finally about to get underway. But having come this far in the face of pretty severe odds against success, the organizers were not about to back down and they found a way to bring the race home. With a shortened course, down to two stages from the planned four, and horrendous conditions to deal with, every mistake could end a rider's hopes of a good result here. Delivering a good performance meant balancing aggression with smart riding to get down both safe and fast, and with your equipment intact. At that little game, Jesse Melamed and Isabeau Courdurier proved the most adept, and they stood up to the relentless attacks of their rivals to take home the first wins of the 2020 EWS season. Check out the full results below and stay tuned for the slideshow goods to really tell the story.


2020 EWS Zermatt, Elite Men's Results (full results)


2020 EWS Zermatt, Elite Women's Results (full results)


iceman2058 iceman2058 8/30/2020 12:31 PM

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Amazing, huge for Jesse and even bigger for Jack, I think he had a lot to prove after what happened to him this winter. Switching racing disciples last minute in the off season, even if a longer one, would not be easy even if you had a plan together. I think Canyon will appreciate the chance they took on him.

Peugeot has an Enduro team? WTF are they riding? I only see a terrible looking enduro-ish e-bike with even more terrible geo.

Also is Morgane Jonnier related to Sabina?

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I feel so bad for Nico Lau on the Peugeot, like did this guy ever get to ride a decent bike in his entire career?

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Morgane and Sabrina are sisters. The bike they ride is an Astro Catalogue bike labeled as a Peugeot. It's the exact same bike that KHS sells as the 6600 and from what I can find its sold all around the world as different labeled versions of the same bike. In fact, in the "pit bits" page here in vital you can see the exact same bike as the "Fulgur Roccia" "strait from Italy"

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Must be half decent so. A lot of being on a “decent” bike is the team structure and support that comes with proper brand.
Shame the race got cut in half, pretty much came down to balls to the wall and cross your fingers and hope for the best.
It’s some location.

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