RESULTS: Qualifying, Andorra World Cup DH 10

.01 separates Loic Bruni and Troy Brosnan, Nina Hoffman the fastest woman, Thibaut Daprela destroys Junior Men and Vali Holl stays on top in Junior Women.

If Vital RAW showed us anything yesterday it's that the World Cup Downhill track in Andorra is unpredictable. Loose conditions, ever-changing holes and some of the steepest pitch on the circuit mean anymistake can be costly. Qualifying took place today, eliminating riders who aren't up to pace and setting the order for Saturday's race.

  • Conditions identical to practice yesterday, dusty, loose, dry.
  • Loic Bruni and Troy Brosnan just .01 apart. Our math department said if they crossed the line at 30kph, the gap is just 8.33cm. Blame Mono if that's incorrect.
  • Nina Hoffman 1st place in Elite Women with Marine Cabirou just .5 behind.
  • A handful of heavy Top 60 Men not making finals while on the flip side, some lower-ranked riders qualifying Top 20.
  • Finn Iles DNF, reports are brake stopped working.
  • David Trummer 5th
  • Yeah Bruce Klein! 24th with a #126 plate!
  • Yeah Sam Soriano! #USDH Elite Woman



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