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RESULTS: Aaron Gwin and Tracey Hannah Qualify Fastest in Val di Sole 19

We have ourselves a race! Qualifying is done in VDS, and the two main protagonists in the battle for the World Cup overall have just finished 1-2.

RESULTS: Aaron Gwin and Tracey Hannah Qualify Fastest in Val di Sole

If the ending to this year's World Cup had been written for a Hollywood movie, it would have been dismissed as pure fantasy. With a mere 30 points between them at the top of the series standings after 6 races, Greg Minnaar and Aaron Gwin have just qualified second and first, respectively - separated by just 0.17 seconds! That means that it's all to play for in tomorrow's finals, and there will be no holding back. The last time the World Cup was in Val di Sole was in 2015, and it just so happens that the very same two riders were locked in an epic battle for the overall at that time as well. Will Aaron Gwin once again prevail at the finish line, or will Greg Minnaar get redemption? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

In the women's race, Tracey Hannah is clearly feeling good on the rough and dusty VDS track, as she qualified first and will be last down the hill tomorrow. Current World Cup leader Myriam Nicole bobbled in the first section and would up qualifying in 4th place, a sign of nerves or just one of those things? With Tracey Hannah 110 points behind her before her qualifying win today, if Tracey wins the main event tomorrow Myriam can afford to finish no worse than 4th if she wants to hold on to that overall.

In the junior men's, Finn Iles has already wrapped up the overall World Cup, and he celebrated in fine style by winning qualifying today as well.

2017 Val di Sole World Cup Qualifying Results - Men (full results)


2017 Val di Sole World Cup Qualifying Results - Women (full results)


2017 Val di Sole World Cup Qualifying Results - Junior Men (full results)


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iceman2058 iceman2058 8/25/2017 6:01 AM

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Troy, Greg, and Gwin all had a split where they were fastest?? What a season and what a way to end it!

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Someone with the data do a quick stat on who the better wet rider is Minnaar vs Gwin as far as results. My gut feeling says I seem to recall Gwin being slightly better although both tend to be conservative in the wet compared to some of the wild riders. If it is raining I think both of them are out of contention for first and someone perhaps less consistent but more rowdy in the wet like Hart, Bruni, Bronson or Wallace sweeps in for the win.

| Reply tell me again how Gwin is conservative in the wet wink

If you go back to Danny Hart's incredible world's run even, Gwin might have been the most in touch before he fell.

They can both ride the wet with the best of them. Both winning multiple times in said conditions.

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Minnaar won this one, Gwin in third. Looked pretty wet there. Also Maribor that year was a pisser and Minnaar took the win. I think both those boys do just fine when it rains.

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Minnaar went down hard in practice this morning, might be really sore tomorrow. Could this season be more exciting?! And of course it's going to rain ...

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Whatchu seeing? Cool part is Greg, Aaron and Troy all going to have the same conditions being they all run in the same few minute window right? I guess the points become harder to come by the further down you are though huh?

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Any idea what this means for the points going into tomorrow? I guess I can google around... EDIT - if I'm reading it right, I think Gwin has 23 pionts to make up on Greg come tomorrow. So if this order stays the same, AG will be the winner. BUT if, say, Troy wins, Aaron is second and Minnaar 3rd, Minnaar wins by 3 points.

Somebody check my math but its going to be crazy.

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Correct, they are now separated by 23 points (Minnaar leads). If AG wins tomorrow, he takes the title no matter what. If AG finishes 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, he needs to finish at least 2 places above Greg to still take the title.

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