RESULTS: 2019 Nevada State Downhill Championships 3

Gnarly, nasty January #USDH. Must be Bootleg!

Nik Nestoroff and Amanda Wentz are 2019 Nevada State downhill champions. Downhillmike's annual race at Bootleg Canyon is a die-hard favorite for anyone willing to brave the jagged rocks and ruthless terrain of the desert in January. This year's course hit the legendary Poop Chute, which is a steep, sketchy piece of survival mid course. Nestoroff won the Pro Men's class by 5 seconds with Wentz taking the women's win by just under 6 seconds. Junior winner, Cole Suetos, dropped a 3:19 which would have put him in 2nd place in the Pro Men's class. There were 14 groms under the age of 15 racing (3 of them in the age 6-10 class!) and micro Junior ripper, Teagan Heap ran a 4:32 in the women's 11-14 class. The young talent pool is growing.

photos courtesy of Steve & Amanda Wentz

Top 5 Pro Men

  1. Nik Nestoroff, 3:15.76
  2. Steven Walton, 3:20.76
  3. Logan Binggeli, 3:22.30
  4. Steve Wentz, 3:35.66
  5. Dave Seagquist, 3:35.69

Top 5 Pro Women

  1. Amanda Wentz, 4:15.84
  2. Chelsea Kimball, 4:21.73
  3. Jordan Scott, 4:28.89
  4. Mckenna Merten, 4:38.94
  5. Alexis Fite, 4:41.30

Top 5 Junior Men

  1. Cole Suetos, 3:19.48
  2. Austin Dooley, 3:23.53
  3. Joeseph Foresta, 3:23.81
  4. Ryan Wischmeyer, 3:32.31
  5. Jose Angel Del Toro Romero, 3:46.76

Follow the winner, Nik Nestoroff, down the track at the end of Saturday's practice



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