RESULTS: 2017 World Cup DH Finals from Val di Sole

Val di Sole, Italy, the place where race dreams are made or destroyed, was the decider of the 2017 UCI World Cup Downhill. The incredibly rough and steep course was chewed up over the past days of training and qualifying, providing an unpredictable stage for race day. And what a race day it was!

The Elite Men's overall race was a virtual tie between Greg Minnaar and Aaron Gwin coming into to Val di Sole and it was a winner-take-all scenario. Saturday's race battle was prefaced by Greg Minnaar crashing and breaking his bike in half in practice before qualifying. In a feat of teamwork, another bike was built and Greg had the fortitude to qualify in 2nd behind Gwin just an hour after the crash which made the points race for the overall even closer. Gwin also had troubles on qualifying day with a flat tire right out of the gate during practice. Both riders dismissed any problems and soldiered on.

Greg Minnaar left the start gate for his race run and charged. He was up at the first split, riding wild. Half-way down the course Minnaar's hopes were dashed when his tire flatted and came off the rim, forcing him off the course. He climbed back up and and slowly walked his bike down through the finish.

Aaron Gwin, the last man down the mountain today, says he never wants to know what happened with the riders before him. He clearly did not know Greg's fate as he blitzed a no-holds-barred run down the brutal course and swooping the win from Amaury Pierron, who had impressively held the hotseat until Gwin's finish. Pierron finished in 2nd place, a career best.

Gwin's victory means he is now tied with Nicolas Vouilloz in earning 5 World Cup Downhill overall titles. Gwin also has 19 World Cup race wins to his name. Regarding the pressure of the championship weekend, Gwin said, "no matter how much you try to ignore it, I've just been waiting for right now."

Loic Bruni had a smooth, effortless-looking run for third with Loris Vergier and Troy Brosnan rounding out the Top 5. Brosnan ended up 2nd in the World Cup overall today.

Tahnee Seagrave earned a significant victory over her Elite Women's competitors. She crossed the line with less air in her tire than she started with. Myriam Nicole, series leader finished in 2nd place winning the 2017 UCI World Cup DH overall in the Elite Women's class. Tracey Hannah, who was first in qualifying finished 3rd on the day.

Finn Iles and Matt Walker continued to face off in the Junior class but Finn Iles, who had wrapped up the Junior World Cup overall two races ago, took another victory. It was his last World Cup race as a Junior and he moves to the Elite Men's class in 2018.

Melanie Chappaz and Paula Zibasa had a duel in the Junior Women's class, separated by only two seconds!

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Elite Women's Val di Sole DH Results

Tahnee Seagrave.

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Finn Iles.

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