RESULTS: 2017 Reaper Madness at Bootleg Canyon 1

Aaron Gwin wins by over 9 seconds in Pro Men.

Aaron Gwin earns a victory by a significant margin at the 2017 Reaper Madness DH race in Boulder City, Nevada. The race has become an annual season-opening tradition for the Southwestern U.S. downhill scene. Held on the rugged and unforgiving trails of the Bootleg Canyon Bike Park, survival is almost impressive as any race result. The course has many technical sections and is full of razor-sharp rocks which often end a competitor's chances of crossing the finish line.

Aaron Gwin (YT Mob) won the Pro Men's field by 9.23 seconds over Bootleg regular, Logan Binggeli (KHS Factory Racing) with Demetri Triantafillou (Lake Town Bicycles) rounding out 3rd place. Pro Men's racing had some tight battles between 6th and 10th places.

The young Samantha Kingshill (College Cyclery / O'Neal) demolished the Pro Women's competition by a whopping 37.55 seconds on the brutal course and first place Jr. X ripper, Steve Walton would have held onto 4th place in the Pro Men's field.

Jagged is an understatement at Bootleg

Pro Men's Top 10

  1. Aaron Gwin, 4:07.16
  2. Logan Binggeli, 4:16.39
  3. Demetri Triantafillou, 4:19:69
  4. Chris Higgerson, 4:21.60
  5. Graeme Pitts, 4:26.40
  6. Wiley Kaupas, 4:33.52
  7. Scott Gladu, 4:35.20
  8. Jordan Newth, 4:35.68
  9. Matt Moore, 4:36.80
  10. Steve Wentz, 4:36.81

Pro Women's Results

  1. Samantha Kingshill, 5:03.90
  2. Alessia Missiaggia, 5:41.45
  3. Amanda Wentz, 6:06.12
  4. CJ Selig, 6:24.84
  5. Emily Gacad, 6:25.34

Grom slayer, Steven Walton.

Cat 1 Men 17-18 Top 3

  1. Steven Walton, 4:20.76 (would have been 4th in Pro Men!)
  2. Angelo Loskota, 4:40.20
  3. Max Shepherd, 4:50.76

Chris Higgerson, 4th Place, Pro Men, on the gas during a blustery practice session.

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Pro Men's Podium.

Pro Women's Podium

Open Men's Podium...should be the O.G. Podium - Griz wins with Quinton Spaulding and yep, Lars Tribus, rounding out 3rd!

Take a ride down the course with 10th place Pro Men's finisher, Steve Wentz




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