An incredible day of racing just concluded at the 3rd round of the 2016 Enduro World Series at Wicklow in Ireland. The Emerald Enduro served up technical riding, huge crowds, and unbelievably sunny weather for the 2nd year straight (pretty much a miracle, if you ask the locals).

Among the riders who fell foul of the tricky tracks were Maes, Rude, Graves, and Beerten - all left to rue what could have been with various technical issues. True to himself, Rude mounted a furious comeback that left him with 5 out of 7 stage wins and an incredible 3rd place, after dropping nearly 25 seconds to the race leader after only 2 stages (25 seconds on these short tracks is like being lapped at a marathon). And what to say of Sam Hill, the flat pedal legend contending the win here and landing in 2nd spot - there's no substitute for speed and class. But the last word once again went to local boy Greg Callaghan who delighted the crowd with his 2nd home win in as many races. Stay tuned for more coverage here on Vital, and if you're at the race, get ready to party!

2016 Enduro World Series #3 Wicklow, Ireland Results, Men

2016 Enduro World Series #3 Wicklow, Ireland Results, Women

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