Mavic Trans Provence 2017 | Day 6 Report, Results, and Video 2

Marco Osborne and Ines Thoma take victories after 6 days of racing and nearly 3 hours of total timed racing.

Day 6 saw riders making the final push to complete the 269km kilometer adventure to the Mediterranean Sea that began 5 days earlier. Switchbacks brought the riders ever closer to the sea after battling everything the Maritime Alps had to throw at them.


A cooler if not less humid day meant racers would climb through a spectacular inversion from the top of the first shuttle on the Col de Braus before the strong June sun started to burn away the maritime mist. This would be the final push that the riders needed to make to dip their toes in the sea and enjoy a well-earned beer.

While Day 6 wouldn't be the most ferocious in terms of climb, descent or distance, it would come after a long week that had pushed bike and body to the limit for those looking to make a final statement in the closing hours of racing. Many were happy to simply finish this week-long mission from Hautes-Alpes to the Mediterranean.

Today saw riders find fitness they never knew they had, as mind over matter would become key. Those that mastered this art would be surely climbing the time sheets or solidifying their current positions on the score sheets.

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Pro Men

1. Marco Osborne (Cannondale/WTB) 2:34:39

2. François Bailly-Maître (Ibis Cycles Enduro Team) 2:34:58

3. Ludo May (BMC Ride Crew Team) 2:43:46

4. Jamie Nicoll (Santa Cruz Bicycles/Hope/Fox) 2:46:23

5. Max Schumann (Santa Cruz Bicycles) 2:47:39


1. Ines Thoma (Canyon Factory Enduro Team) 3:06:14

2. Anka Martin (Juliana/SRAM) 3:12:02

3. Monika Büchi (Schmid Velosport/RC Graenichen) 3:12:51

4. Martha Gill (Marin/Stan's NoTubes) 3:29:10

5. Emma Neale 3:32:35

Master (M40 Men)

1. Olivier Giordanengo (LAPIERRE/MAVIC/La Roue Libre) 2:37:39

2. Rene Wildhaber (Trek/Red Bull/IXS) 2:41:05

3. Antti Laiho (Suunto) 2:50:40

4. Shane Kroeger (Santa Cruz/Derailed) 3:00:07

5. Anthony Mayr ( 3:02:21

Amateur Men

1. Christoffer Brochs (Trek/USWE/Velorapide) 2:49:04

2. John Owen (Orange Bikes) 2:51:15

3. Rich Norgate (Magic Rock Racing/Orange) 2:51:39

4. Seb Kemp (Santa Cruz Bicycles) 2:52:51

5. Sebastian Beilmann ( 3:01:47


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