Matti Lehikoinen Injured During Race 7

Word just arrived that Matt Lehikoinen had a major crash during a race in Sweden yesterday. From what we can gather, he is stable and his condition is improving.

The official statement from CRC is below. We'll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Photo: MTBcut

It’s with great sadness to let you know that Team rider Matti Lehikoinen was involved in a serious crash while racing at the Nordic Downhill Championships in Kungsberget-Sweden over the weekend.

Full details of the incident are as yet unclear, but the crash happened during the finals of the event in which local rider Robin Wallner and Matti were battling it out for the win. Robin wrote on his blog: "As I was about to exit the woods I saw Matti on the ground next to the track."

We’re glad to say that although Matti has undergone two brain scans already, doctors have confirmed that no brain damage has been done and he’s currently in a stable condition in hospital. We spoke to Matti’s partner, Anna, who told us, "Matti’s jaw, cheekbone, teeth and nose are pretty badly damaged, and he will have surgery on Wednesday."

Team Manager Nigel Page added: "Matti has had some horrific injuries over the past few years and this time it was another big one. When you're riding as fast as Matti does, crashes are always going to be big."

We will keep you informed as to the latest on Matti’s condition. Everyone at CRC, the team and sponsors wish him a fast recovery. Post your messages of support on the Team's Facebook page now.

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