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Following the announcement of the Enduro World Series Rules, here are a few noteworthy points regarding the organization of the series, as well as the current Reserved Rider list, up to date as of February 22, 2013.

Organizational highlights:

  • All riders must hold a valid EMBA membership in order to score series points and be eligible for overall tour prize money. Memberships are available at
  • All riders, both individual and in a team must pay event registrations fees to each event organiser.
  • All individual riders listed must confirm their place in an Enduro World Series race by getting in touch with before the 8th April 2013. After this date, all unconfirmed reserved places will be released.
  • EMBA may add additional official teams over the coming months, as more outstanding invitations are confirmed.

List of Reserved Teams and Riders for the 2013 Enduro World Series:


GT Factory Racing
Dan Atherton, UK
Martin Maes, Belgium

Jerome Clementz, France
Ben Cruz, USA
Mark Weir, USA
Pauline Dieffenthaler, France
Jason Moschler, USA
Corentine Macinot, France

Commencal Superteam
Remy Absalon, France
Nicolas Quere, France

Adam Craig, USA
Josh Carlson, USA
Kelli Emmett, USA
Carl Decker, USA

Alex Balaud, France
Florian Nicolai, France
Alex Cure, France
Johnny Magis, Belgium
Brice Liebrechts, Belgium
Antonin Gougin, France
Maurian Marnay, France

GT Skoda
Cecile Ravanel, France
Axel Ravanel, France
Cedric Ravanel, France

Santa Cruz Syndicate
Steve Peat, UK
Greg Minnaar, South Africa
Josh Bryceland, UK

Curtis Keene, USA
Aneeke Beerten, Netherlands
Michael Prokop, Czech Republic

Trek World Racing
Justin Leov, New Zealand

Canyon Factory Enduro Team
Fabien Barel, France
Joe Barnes, UK
Maxi Dickerhoff, Germany
Marco Buhler, Germany
Ines Thoma, Germany

Cube Action Team
Nicolas Lau, France
Gusti Wildhaber, Switzerland
Luwig Dohl, Germany
Andre Wagenknecht, Germany
Valerie Priem-Schandene, Germany
Laura Brethauer, Germany

Anne Caroline Chausson, France
Manuel Ducci, Italy
Brian Lopes, USA
Christopher Bertotto, Italy
Paul Aston, UK
Valentina Macheda, Italy

Nico Vouilloz, France
Emmeline Ragot, France
Loic Bruni, France
Loris Vergier, France
Sam Blenkinsop, New Zealand


Alex Lupato, Italy
Alex Stock, UK
Anais Pajot, France
Andre Bruno, Italy
Anita Gehrig, Switzerland
Anka Martin, New Zealand
Cedric Gracia, Andorra
Chris Johnston, USA
Davide Sottocornola, Italy
Espineira Florence, Chile
Estelle Vuillemin, France
Greg Callaghan, Ireland
Helen Gaskell, UK
Jamie Nicoll, New Zealand
Jeff Carter, New Zealand
Jeremy Arnould, France
Jill Kintner, USA
Katy Winton, UK
Lars Sternberg, USA
Marco Fidalgo, Portugal
Markus Reiser, Germany
Mary Moncorge, Andorra
Mathew Slaven, USA
Neil Donoghue, UK
Nico Prudencio, Chile
Pedro Ferreira, Chile
Primosz Strancar, Slovenia
Ralph Jones, UK
Rene Wildhaber, Switzerland
Robert Kordez, Slovenia
Roger Gonzalez, Andorra
Rosara Joseph, New Zealand
Santana Pastor Jacobo, Spain
Theo Gally, France
Tracy Moseley, UK
Vittorio Gambirasio, Italy


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