Josh Bryceland Leaves Santa Cruz 29

The rat sets sail for uncharted waters.

Here's one we weren't expecting until we learned about it a couple weeks ago - Josh Bryceland parts ways with Santa Cruz Bicycles. Like you, we're curious to see where he ends up...or maybe we know already but just aren't going to say until he's ready, but all in Rat's timing. #longlivetherat

A quote from Rat himself

"2018 marks 10 years of riding professionally for Santa Cruz. What an incredible time it has been, the highs and lows of racing, injuries, 26" to 650b and all the rest of it.  When I first joined Santa Cruz the factory on Bronson Street was a mad little hive of activity.  Rob even used to still skate from time to time. And beat me up hills. As I near my 30's I feel my role within the industry changing and feel it's time to put something back in.  And by that I mean helping develop the youth! With this comes a new brand and new opportunities to mentor two young riders.  I can't thank enough all the people that make Santa Cruz what it is, and for all the good times I'll never forget.  I'd like to personally thank Will Ock for all the sick ideas and making me look cool... and for being Mr F**king Bean. To Allan Cooke and the enduro squad for turning me from lazy DHer into someone who sometimes enjoys climbing. To Kathy, Dougie and all the Syndicate Crew for the too many good times racing DH. And finally and most massively to Rob Roskopp and his family for all their support and for treating me like one of their own."

From Santa Cruz:

"We've been lucky enough to work with Josh since his 2008 junior world champs win and it's  been a heck of a decade since then.  From the World Cup racing years and the highs of his 2014 season, to the whole 50to01 movement and their unorthodox approach to riding and racing.  Our story with Josh has always had its twists... this new turn of events is just another chapter for which we wish him well.  We've got a whole heap of memories to keep us buzzing, and are stoked to know he'll still be loving our back wheels (and front ones) into the future."

Audio from Rob Roskopp at World Champs via Sven:


Title card from a BDS race report after Josh destroyed his foot at World Champs.

Josh Bryceland oozing style and having a good time out here on a big adventure.

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