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Hour World Wheelie Record Broken

Manuel Scheidegger from Switzerland has set a new hour world record in rear wheelie riding on Saturday 12th September. On the 400-metre circuit in Gümligen (near Bern), Scheidegger completed more than 77 laps during one hour and, with 30.95 kilometres, clearly surpassed the existing world record (25.86 km).


Friday evening shortly after nine o'clock on the athletics track in Gümligen: Frustration and disappointed faces. The mood was down to earth. The world record attempt had to be broken off after about 45 minutes. Everything had looked very promising. Scheidegger had quickly found the rhythm. On the rear wheel he was constantly riding faster than 30 km/h and found the ideal line in the curves. Technical problems led to the break-off. In order for the world record to be recognised, a great deal of effort is required to provide the evidence: several cameras, timekeeping and witnesses. Even if the world record is set by a single person, it requires a well-rehearsed team.


The decision was quickly made to attempt a new world record the next morning.

In order to have the best possible wind conditions, the whole team met again early on Saturday morning. The conditions seemed optimal. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Scheidegger. Due to the efforts of the previous evening, Scheidegger hardly got any sleep (2 hours) and looked correspondingly exhausted: "I only came here because you are here". Is a world record even possible under these conditions? After a few warm-up rounds, the participants agreed and they at least wanted to try. Already the signal for the start sounded. For one hour, the aim was to go further than 25.86 kilometres (existing world record). Scheidegger was struggling. Again and again he swayed and the team held its breath for a moment. But Scheidegger found his way around better and better. After one hour, during which the front wheel was never allowed to touch the ground, and 77 laps, Scheidegger and his team had finally made it. The new wheelie world record is now 30.95 kilometres.


Scheidegger's biggest motivation for the world record is the aid project, for which he is collecting donations. The donation project continues even after the world record and the team is happy about every donation. With the collected money, a bicycle workshop including rooms and tools will be built for young people in Nepal, so that they can train as bicycle mechanics.

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