FINAL RESULTS - Snowshoe World Cup DH Race 1 13

Race one of two delivers the drama!

The last UCI World Cup Downhill event is taking place in Snowshoe, West Virginia, with a double-header format. Round 6 of the 2021 calendar ran today with plenty of drama unfolding as the fastest mountain bikers on two-wheels tackled the tricky, technical and rock-filled Snowshoe course. This double-header format makes up for the canceled Fort William race earlier this spring.

The final race of the season begins tomorrow with timed training followed by qualifying on Friday and race action on Saturday. Qualifying for race two does not factor into the World Cup overall points count.

Izabela Yankova concludes her winning ways in Junior Women and the battle of the Junior Men stays heated as Jordan Williams wins over Jackson Goldstone in 2nd place. Jackson retains a 70 point overall lead over Jordan going into the last race.

Vali Holl charged with a solid run and managed to hold the hotseat for her first Elite Women's victory today. Last rider down and fastest qualifier, Myriam Nicole, was in the green and gaining ground through the upper splits until she washed out in the flat, rock section. She hopped back on her bike only to stop again moments later to adjust her seat. Nicole finished 4th as Camille Balanche earned 2nd and Marine Cabirou took 3rd.

Men's play-by-play

  • Warner and Eliot freaking rule.
  • Isak Leivsson tried to backflip the last jump and came up short. Saw sequence, it's gnarly!
  • Dante Silva with a heater for #USDH
  • Brannigan with a cooker for the hotseat
  • Joe Breeden just pips Brannigan
  • Remi Thirion takes 1.6 out for the hotseat
  • Thibaut Daprela, explodes his front wheel and goes down hard. Somehow not hurt. His poor qualifier and this DNF will mess with the overall going into the last race for sure! Not sure I'm ever going to watch a Thibaut Daprela run again, my heart can't handle it LOL.
  • Loris Vergier, who also had a crappy quali, must have levitating gizmos in his bike. Wild and loose, but like a cloud through the chunder. Takes the hotseat by 3 freaking seconds with 3:10. Finn's 1st-place quali yesterday was a 3:14. Possible winner with lots of riders to go?
  • Angel Suarez solid and clean like he does, into third.
  • Trummer on the gas into second, but 2.5 behind Vergier. We have to figure that 2.5 gap will fill up with others.
  • Mick Hannah - pure legend status! Down with a solid second-to-last career World Cup. YEAH MICK!
  • Bernard, clean and composed and into 5th.
  • Laurie Greenland looked great up top and slowly lost time. Sick drift out of the woods though! Bumps Bernard to 6th and takes 5th.
  • Jacob Dickson into 15th.
  • Loic Bruni made Snowshoe look like a bike path! Greasy, pillowy smooth and goes into the lead by .5 seconds!
  • Mark Wallace had a fantastic, consistent run into 3rd. Just 1.3 off Loic's time.
  • DANG CHUCK! Charlie Harrison held nothing back. Wild, loose, pinballing and a solid 4th place time, 1.7 off the lead. #USDH
  • Matt Walker comes through and bumps Charlie out of 4th by just .3 seconds.
  • HOLY CRAP, REECE WILSON! Over 1 second up at the upper split, then loses most of it, then comes back in the last sector to take the hotseat by just .03 seconds. .03...BONKERS. According the Red Bull stats on screen, he was just one foot (.3m) ahead of Loic Bruni.
  • Danny Hart having the wildest run, somehow saving it through the steeps to hard right hander, two-wheel drifting with the move of the day for sure. Then, a rear flat plagued his run. Again.
  • Troy Brosnan's top was pretty OTB, 3 seconds in the red, but he made up 1.5 in the rocks like the smooth operator that he is. Crossed the line 2 seconds off the pace into 7th.
  • Amaury, down the mountain in one piece with a decent run but into 8th place. Not bad considering his condition just a few months ago.
  • Dakotah Norton hauled some serious freight through the grossest sections of the track. He squashed the final jump and crossed the line in 5th with 3 riders to go. YEAH DAK! #USDH
  • Valiant effort for Luca Shaw who raced with a broken hand. 16th at the line, however, was not what he'd hoped for after a 3rd place qualifier. YEAH LUCA! #USDH
  • Benoit Coulanges didn't have his best run. Unclipping in the rocks and just looking out of rhythm, he rolled through in 10th.
  • Finn Iles, was a bit off the pace at the top, pulled back through the end of the rock gardens to just a .3-second deficit and then managed to fall of by over a second across the line into 4th. Reece Wilson wins his first-ever World Cup Downhill race.

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Elite Men Results

Overall standings after Snowshoe Race 1 of 2. Race two does not include qualifying points. All points come from the race run only.

Elite Women Results

Vero Widmann also DNS

Junior Men Results

Junior Women Results


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