FINAL RESULTS - Fort William World Cup Downhill 6

If Braveheart was a downhill mountain bike race.

Wind, rain, mud,'s the UCI World Cup Downhill in Fort William, Scotland. Variable and generally miserable weather conditions challenged riders as much as the long, rock-strewn course. The wind was strong at the top, the rain was on and off, and the track was always changing. Yesterday's qualifying was a painful affair for many of the top riders which meant that pushing for race day took mental fortitude and physical prowess. In front of the classically massive Scottish crowd, the racers gave it their all and the results are now official.

Anna Newkirk, #USDH, takes her first win in the Junior Women's category. Vali Holl reportedly had a crash and ended her long-time win streak in the category with 2nd place today.

Thibaut Daprela backs up his Maribor win with a victory in Fort William today in Junior Men. The field of young up-and-comers is deep with new faces on the podium this weekend.

Rachel Atherton took a less-than-stellar start to the weekend and turned it into victory. Tracey Hannah, 1st place qualifier, finished in 2nd place in today's race. She and Rachel are battling in the overall with just 30 points separating the two. Elite Women's favorite, Tahnee Seagrave suffered a crash in training, injuring her shoulder and did not compete.

The Elite Men's event weekend was more of a war than a bike race. We're used to crashes at a downhill race, but Fort William took the best in the world and literally threw them on their faces.

  • Gee Atherton was bucked off his horse, sliding through the rocks in qualifying, injuring his wrist. His race run was sub-par.
  • Aaron Gwin, on the live race feed, blew a rear tire and went ass-over-tea-kettle at what looked like 30mph, tumbling and flipping through the rocks, off track. Reports are that he was not seriously injured.
  • Loic Bruni raced finals with basically two black eyes, holding the hot seat until Matt Walker (GBR) came down with a smoker of a run!
  • Matt's hotseat time didn't last too long when Greg Minnaar came through, behind at all splits, sprinting the last few meters of track taking the lead.
  • Eddie Masters sure pushed hard with a solid run for the ATV of mountain biking.
  • Finn Iles was slammed to the ground, straight to a rock in practice yesterday. Today, he punched back with a blistering, no-holds-barred run, bumping Minnaar by over a second and taking the lead with 6 riders to go.
  • Danny Hart, one of the most experienced Fort William racers struggled at the splits throughout his entire run, but was always in touch. A deficit barely too large to be made up on the motorway resulted in being just .3 off Finn's fastest pace at the time.
  • Reece Wilson, local favorite who qualified 4th, snapped his chain out of the gate. Game over, but he still pushed hard, crashing into a tree in the lower woods. 3 riders remained.
  • Troy Freaking Brosnan. Just when it seemed that being a bulkier rider on 29-inch wheels was the secret to success, Troy smashes Finn's time by over 3.5 seconds and it seemed the run was a winner. Unfortunately it didn't hold up, but Troy takes the World Cup DH overall lead after Fort William.
  • Then Amaury Pierron dropped in. A perfect run, nailing every line and pulling time on the motorway. The race was his for sure, then, he makes the collective MTB world shit their pants with a near OTB on the final jump. "I thought I was dead," Amaury said laughing in a post-race interview because the near-OTB was caused by him looking at his time on the way to the finish. He saved it and put down what ended up being the winning run at the same venue he took his first World Cup win in 2018. He finished 3.5 seconds ahead of Troy. Discussing how pleased he is with his bike, he said the people at Commencal are genius and that "I'm just a horse and I ride."
  • Loris Vergier, fastest qualifier and last man down the mountain had an incredible rider but couldn't match the pace of Troy or Amaury. A 3rd place result for the young Frenchman should not be disappointing.
Aaron Gwin's disgusting Fort William OTB crash.

Elite Men's Results

Amaury Pierron goes back-to-back at Fort William with a 3.5-second win, not before making us all shit our pants by nearly going OTB on the last jump!

Commencal Supreme DH Bikes

Elite Men's Overall Standings After 2 Races

Elite Women's Results

Rachel Atherton handles the pressure and comes out on top by just 1.6 over Tracey Hannah in Fort William. After a disappointing 3rd place qualifier, she took the win when it counted. She holds the overall lead with 430 points followed by today's 2nd place finisher, Tracey Hannah with 400 points.

Junior Men's Results

Thibaut Daprela, with back-to-back World Cup DH wins. He has the overall lead with 120 points followed by Kye A'hern with 46.

Junior Women's Results

Anna Newkirk in seeding with a roll-off ponytail. Today's run went much better as she took her first Junior World Cup win! #USDH

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