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Here is your chance to get on board a Deity Cryptkeeper, so follow the rules, get your friends to like your pics on the Deity Facebook page, and someone will be walking away with a new trail frame.

True trail bosses spend more time behind a shovel than on the bike. Their hands calloused, blistered, weathered, and cracked, a trailboss never poaches a spot, they protect what they build, and their broken shovels serve as a grave to the hours of slapping, facing, and digging that any quality spot is founded on. There is a romanticism to trails and for those who bleed and sweat for their art, we can relate and to celebrate your hard work, we are giving away a Deity Cryptkeeper frame for FREE to one lucky person!
You know who you are and if you love trails, this is your chance to upgrade your ride and get on board the frame people are talking about, so get inspired and check out the giveaway details at the bottom of this article. With a tight crew of riders on board the Deity Cryptkeeper, they all embody the mantra of a true trailboss and nobody captures it more than Jacob “Cob” Hyde. With his effortless style and dedication to the shovel, he joined the ranks of an elite crew of deity trailbuilders that redefine the standards of what a dirt jump can and should be. From the likes of Zach Hensley, Clint Chandler, Josh Stead, and Dustin Gilding, each rider lives to dig and have become the perfect candidates to ride the praised Cryptkeeper frame.

Cob is one of those types of riders that we cannot get sick of watching on a bike. While some people are busy flinging themselves in hopes of landing a haggard 720, we would much rather watch impeccable whips, tables, 3's and more. The Cryptkeeper was made for someone like Cob, someone who lives for big sets, spends more time digging than sleeping, and is a pure bred trailbuilder.
Cob has his Cryptkeeper dialed. You could win this same frame, just by posting pics to the Deity Facebook page
The Cryptkeeper is not a "do-it-all-but-not-do-anything-great" type of frame. We designed it specifically for what we and our riders wanted in a dirt jump frame. We did not copy the standard or come at it from the mind of someone who does not ride trails. In fact, it was probably the most exciting moment for us since the launch of the company, so we treated the design process with respect, patience, and we made sure we put the best production processes to use. Since the first ride, I have never been so at home on a bike...

A half inch here, a degree there, a few millimeters lower or higher...these subtle changes may seem "subtle", but can change the feel of a bike more than most people may realize. We designed the Cryptkeeper to be aggressive in corners, accelerate fast, be stable at high speeds (but not sluggish), and settle into pumps effortlessly. The secret behind the Cryptkeeper is how our 15.25" rear end coupled with our 25mm BB drop, TT length, and 69.5 head angle balance together, let alone the ride quality due to our Post Weld Heat Treatment. It is easy to manual through rollers, rail berms, hit the steepest lips, landings, and never lose confidence in what you are riding. Look, companies will pitch you all day on their frame, but without a doubt...we know for a fact that the Cryptkeeper is the best trail frame out and all the trail bosses who have been on one seem to agree.

We have always felt honored by the people who choose to run our parts and nothing is more exciting now than sending a frame out to someone. The time we sent Cob one of the first protos, we were dying to hear what he thought as we feel so responsible to create the best possible frame. Having people like Zach Hensley, Clint Chandler, Cob, and more riding our frames...there were no shortcuts and we did not set out to design a frame that met the latest trends...we set out to design a frame that would last a lifetime, stand the test of our crew, and be a part of their stable for years to come. We could never put something mediocre under these types of people...we respect them, our customers, and our company too much.

The Deity Cryptkeeper Giveaway rules are simple:

1) Post a picture on the Deity Facebook page of you riding your local trails

2) The pics will be voted on by Deity pro riders such as Zach Hensley, Cob, Clint Chandler, and more. Special consideration will be taken for the image with the most viewer “likes”, so get your friends on our page!

3) The top image selected will win a Deity Cryptkeeper frame!

The contest winner will be announced on Halloween October 31st, so get out your shovels and charge your cameras!

There are no limitations to how many images you can post on the Deity Facebook wall, but one rule MUST be followed to be trail names or locations. Respect your local trailbosses, the hard work that goes into the trails, and if they do not want it captured on camera...then respect their wishes. Have fun, get creative, and enter to win!
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