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Australian pinner, Connor Fearon had a bad crash the morning of World Champs finals runs, injuring his jaw, nose and was just released from the hospital. Connor has been clawing his way up the results all year and is a staple ripper in Vital RAW videos from World Cups. We know Connor will be back on the bike and hauling ass in no time. YEAH CONNOR!!!

Connor's mechanic, Mathieu Dupelle sent over this update.


After 3 days in the hospital Connor is getting released today. He will likely need surgery but the doctor says to wait a week for the swelling to go down and he can get it done at home if need be. So far it's looking upwards from now on.

He is up and moving around now and appreciates all the messages people have sent him and me. I'm very touched by all the messages I've received for him (50+) only on Sunday evening. It's shows how the bike racing community is a close one. We are all lucky and it is a privilege to be working with good friends like Kona bikes and SRAM, Fox MTB, the media friends, the Australian team and all the other great supporters of the team. 

Connor is still hurting but I think sitting here for 3 days maybe motivated him somehow because he is already talking about training as soon as he's fully recovered.  I consider myself lucky to be working with this athlete.

This is a serious situation but I am glad it is here in Norway. The doctors and nurses are very nice and seem like they know what they're talking about, compared to other hospital visits earlier in the year in other countries. Also there is wifi in the hospital so Connor updated his Facebook and instagram and called his parents on skype. He may have been checking out the local Tinder too...

A big thank you to everyone for your support

Mathieu Dupelle

Check out Connor's Winning Bike from the Aussie Nationals in January

Connor opens up Vital RAW from World Champs

Wish Connor well on his Instagram feed or Facebook page.

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sspomer sspomer 9/9/2014 8:49 AM

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Always one of the most stylish guys on the track.
No wonder he's in almost every single RAW vid/
Heal up Connor!

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Connor is one of the few guys you get multiple good shots of EVERY day at World Cups in the few runs they take each day. Stylish is only half the equation, speed and aggression are the other components that combine to make a good action photo. It will all translate to WC podiums pretty soon. One of few guys that makes me wish I shot video

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