Cameron Zink Wins 2010 Kokanee Crankworx Slopestyle 3

Injuries and big pressure made the 2010 Kokanee Crankworx Slopestyle one of the most exciting in recent memory. Riders like Darren Berrecloth and Brandon Semenuk had flawless first runs only to crash hard on the final jump. Berrecloth nosed in on a switch 360, potentially breaking his hand and Semenuk got a little too casual on a backflip and didn't quite make it around. Both riders did not take a 2nd run. Last year's winner, Greg Watts, flatted in a solid 2nd run, taking him out of the running. Watts still hit the 35 foot finish jump with a rear flat tire! It came down to Mike Montgomery, Cameron Zink and Casey Groves.

Montgomery had a flawless first run filled with technical maneuvers (like flairs and flipwhips) and a huge tailwhip off the Monster Drop (20 feet down, 25 feet out). Montgomery was clearly in the lead after the first run. Casey Groves performed an incredibly smooth 2nd run, which included a tailwhip off the Monster drop and was in 2nd place until Cameron Zink upped his 2nd run with giant tricks, including his first-ever front flip over a mid-course double and a perfect 360 off the Monster Drop. Zink was in first place after two runs with only the Super Final runs remaining as Montgomery was in 2nd and Groves was 3rd. Yannick Grannieri who had a first run score good enough for the Super Final was injured on his 2nd run and did not compete in the Super Final.

Groves' Super Final run was going well until he broke his chain, leaving him in a strong 3rd place. Montgomery who said he had more tricks in the bag, dropped in for his Super Final run, with a giant flair and exciting run. He went down trying to tailwhip the Monster Drop, leaving past Crankworx Slopestyle winner, Cameron Zink, with a hard-earned victory and $15,000.

Final 2010 Crankworx Slopestyle Results
1. Cameron Zink 95 points
2. Mike Montgomery 91.5 points
3. Casey Groves 89.5
4. Sam Dueck 84.25
5. Kelly McGarry
6. Yannick Granieri
7. Greg Watts
8. Brandon Semenuk
9. Jack Fogelquist
10. Amir Kabbani

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