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Buy 1 foot of singletrack for $5 and you could win your choice of any complete Santa Cruz Bicycle! This won’t just be any bike; it will be decked out with a wheel set from ENVE Composites, a group from Shimano, and a Fox Racing Shox fork. You will also be the proud new owner of a 1-year season pass for shuttle rides at Yuba Expeditions!


Putting Your Money In The Dirt

Folks, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, along with partners Santa Cruz Bicycles and Yuba Expeditions, is proud to announce another “5 Bucks A Foot” campaign. Up for grabs this time is the eventual winner’s choice of ANY Santa Cruz bicycle, along with ONE YEAR’s worth of free shuttles courtesy of Yuba Expeditions! Every purchased foot of singletrack is an opportunity to win, and this time the phones are open from Black Friday (the day after thanksgiving) through January 6th.

The $5 a foot campaigns have proven very popular, both with our membership and our partners. The response continues to grow larger with each event, which in turn allows us to leverage progressively bigger and more dazzling giveaways. Each time though, the message is the same: “With your help, we are turning money into singletrack.” To that end, the combined campaigns have raised over $150,000, generated 20 miles of new trail, and given away $30,000 worth of fun.

These events present an opportunity for some lucky soul to score an amazing bike and a whole pile of free rides uphill, but they are crucially important to us here at the stewardship. Five bucks a foot is a tangible idea that our members can get behind – that of funding being allocated directly into trail building efforts. This funding is growing increasingly important for us. Building trail, aside from being hard physical work, is expensive. Especially when that trail is being built to a high standard and expected to last for generations. Meanwhile, Federal Grant money and public revenue sources are thinning out, and non-profits everywhere are feeling the pinch. In response, we rely on our membership, our volunteers, and a motivated public donation base.

We can never thank you, our backbone of supporters, enough. But we’ll keep on saying it. Thank you! What we can do, with all our heart, is continue building and maintaining world-class trails in this gem of a region, and every once in a while kick down with some similarly world-class hardware and a guaranteed good time.

So again, thank you! We look forward to seeing you in the dirt, where we’ll be busy sculpting your money into sweet singletrack.

How It All Works
At the end of the campaign, each unique $5 donation will be entered to win. If you donate $20, you get four entries. We then go over to the very cool website and enter in the ticket numbers, whereby selects one at random and WE HAVE OURSELVES A WINNER! The winner will be selected on January 6th.

PLEASE NOTE - Vital has confirmed with Sierra Buttes Trail Steward ship that this is open to ANYONE in the world, not just U.S. only.


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