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As you probably know already, the Red Bull Rampage is moving to a new zone this year. Starting from the same ridge as the 2008-2013 editions, the new zone is on the other side of the same mountain - to the riders' right. Also new for 2014, the riders will have a whole week to work on their lines before the contest, which hopefully should provide ample time not only to dig but also for the riders to actually practice on their features before having to drop in for their qualification or contest runs. In charge of the organized part of the 2014 build is Dave Smutok, of Highland Mountain Bike Park fame. He has been on site with a build crew preparing some of the biggest features already, but now the riders have arrived to carve in the rest of their lines. Follow their adventures as the contest draws ever closer, right here!

September 23, 2014

Uhhhhhhhhh bring a parachute?? Cam Zink's line looks wild! Photo from Red Bull.

Oh look, somebody left a Tonka Toy down there...

Kyle Strait preparing to get barreled:

The kind of berm you hope will hold...

Jeremey Witek hangs on to the Zink/Strait line for dear life as Katie Holden gets the snap:

Sure, that looks rideable.

A glimpse of Brandon Semenuk's line, courtesy of Brock Twitch. If that's the size of the landing, it's probably pretty big...


Flowfest line update from CPGANG:

Life's a FEST.

September 21, 2014

The riders are digging! It's a feeding frenzy out there with all the competitors scrambling for the pick of the lines. Kyle Strait and Cam Zink have settled on what looks like something pretty wild for the top of their line...

Uhm yeah boys, whatever...

Jeremy Witek letting it all hang out while working on the Zink/Strait line (snap by Justin Olsen):

Zink and Strait roll heavy - that's a concrete cutter...

Justin Olsen also shared this snap of Geoff Gulevich letting loose on a drop line.

It really is the Wild West out here.

Kyle J, Makken, and R-Dog have teamed up to create the "Flow Fest line". How cool is that?

Just another backyard berm...

CPGANG shared a little work in progress:

Time to start leaning on dem shovels boys...

September 12, 2014

Heavy thunderstorms rolled through the area, creating flash floods that made building (or even driving up the site access road for that matter) impossible. Interstate 15, the main road leading to Vegas, was half washed away by the enormous quantities of water. The Rampage site itself was not really damaged, according to Dave. Catch the full update HERE.

If you're gonna get stranded on a small island, make sure you bring supplies. Robbie Bourdon demonstrates. Photo by Red Bull.

September 11, 2014

The goal this year is to keep the terrain as natural as possible, but there are some features that need to be built to provide the riders with opportunities they would not have had with just 1 week of digging by hand.

Dave Smutok works on the run in of a drop - photo by Red Bull.

To be more precise, and the answer the question on everybody's mind: yes, there will be some wood, but we are only talking about 3 features in total, and these are being built to make sure some of the zones link up.

The GoPro step-down going up - photo by Red Bull.

The GoPro step-down is the first feature to receive a little carpentry love. At 50 out and 20 down, it's no walk in the park, but more importantly, it was the only way to link this part of the mountain to the next zone. With a lip on it, we should see some nasty tricks here too!

Water is a rare resource out here, and part of the reason some of the features have to be built in advance - photo by Red Bull.

Catch up with all the build action at, and stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the biggest event in freeriding - we can't wait!

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