​The day started at 7.30 with an energetic breakfast that was very well received by the riders who after a frosty night were preparing themselves to ride their bikes and start the adventure of a lifetime.


The La Parva Ski Resort once again welcomed all the riders who gathered at the top of the mountain, at almost 3500m where the special stage “Valle Amarillo” would open the race. The stage 1 had some changes with respect to the previous years which meant the riders had to deal directly with the infamous AntiGrip.

The rest of the stage followed the classic yellow valley trail, practically the same as previous editions where the riders went down with good pace and fluidity. At the end of the course, the riders got to a sections of 30 switchbacks that brought out the best of all riders even after more than 8 minutes of intense stage racing. First place on this stage went to the Chilean national Champ from 2013 Pedro Ferreira with a time of 8:09.30, followed by compatriot Miliciades Jaque who arrived only 8 hundredths of a second later with a time of 8:09.38. Jerome Clementz was another second back in third place.

In the women's Casey Brown surprised us with a time of 10:01.21 which managed to take more than 6 seconds out of 2016 champion Tracy Moseley in second with 10:08.36.

The second stage was the classic German Refuge, a very good track that never disappoints. This track is characterized by different zones, very fluid and fast which encourages the riders to play around and jump.

This second stage was won by the French 2016 champion Francois Bailly-Maitre with 13:19.50 that was more than 7 seconds faster than Miliciades Jaque's 13:27.08. Third place once again went to Jerome Clementz with a time of 13:33.50. The women's category was ruled by Tracy Moseley with a time of 15:31.17, which put her miles ahead of Casey Brown with a time of 16:18.09. In third place came the Chilean Florencia Espiñeira with a time of 16:50.22.

After completing the first 2 descents, the riders were able to rest and enjoy a good lunch to recharge energy for what was to come.

The famous Parvazo was the next challenge for the riders, who faced a special stage that stands out for being very hard and physical. This track made even the most experienced riders arrive with very tired hands. In this special Pedro Ferreira won with a time of 9:05.55 followed by Yoann Barelli on 9:05.62 and in third place the Cannondale rider Marco Osborne with 9:06.58.

In the women's it was once again Tracy who took a solid first place with 10:59.03 followed by Casey Brown with 11:12.16 and Emily Slaco in third with 11:51.69.

After getting back up in a pickup truck the riders closed the day with the fourth special Cabritas, a very natural circuit that owes its name to being a place where the goats are taken to graze. The trail was very loose and steep where, featuring switchbacks that should not be missed. A long track that brought happy faces back to camp to check their results for the day.

The fourth special ended with Scotland's Mark Scott winning with a time of 10:16.73 followed by Francois Bailly-Maitre with 10:20.14 and Chilean Pedro Burns in third with 10:20.76. Tracy stregthened her hold over the women's category in first place with a time of 12:27.72 followed by Casey Brown with 12:55.15 and Emily Slaco in third with a 13:57.22.

2017 Andes Pacifico Overall Standing After Day 1 (full standings)

Pro Men

  • Jerome Clementz 41:13.10
  • Milciades Jaque 41:14.10
  • François Bailly-Maître 41:16.08


  • Tracy Moseley 49:06.28
  • Casey Brown 50:26.61
  • Emily Slaco 53:48.17
Photos by Dave Trumpore and Sam Needham
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  • Northwest

    2/10/2017 11:11 AM

    Men separated by single seconds, Women separated by single minutes. Just making an observation.

  • lev

    2/8/2017 9:19 PM

    Sounds like really good racing, with different winners of the stages. Jerome's experience and consistency are paying off too. Good to see Tracy back too.

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