​After the long afternoon that involved a trip to the new camp in La Ligua, the fourth day Andes Pacifico began a little later so that the riders could rest and recover a little energy.


At 10:30 in the morning the vans departed with the riders on the way to the hill passing through the town where they could appreciate a little of the national history, adobe constructions, camperos herding animals and a little of the local lifestyle.

At the top of the hill, the coastal valley was a welcome companion as the intense heat had been exhausting the previous days.

The race began with the first "stage surprise" that was added at the last minute, Antena, a short introductory track with very entertaining sections with some small jumps.

The second stage Valle Hermoso followed the hill with a terrain characterized by the antigrip and a mixture between technical zones and other more flowy sections but with less slope than the previous day.

The third special The Mirror offered up the same conditions but took the riders from the top to the foot of the mountain. A long and winding trail with jumps and berms that kept the entertainment factor high.

Finally, the fifth and last special Petra was through a beautiful forest full of trees where the local people waited to support the riders. 

The day was marked by the win of two Chileans Milciades Jaque with 22:15.38 who won the day followed by Pedro Ferreira with 22:25:73 and in third place Jerome Clementz clocked a 22:27:20. With this win Jaque shortened the advantage that Jerome Clementz had in the overall standings, but Clementz still held onto the lead 37 seconds ahead of Jaque, with Bailly- Maitre in third place.

In the women’s Tracey Mosley won the day again with an advantage of almost 20 seconds over Casey Brown followed by the Chilean Florencia Espiñeira who arrived a bit more than a minute behind them.

The Master Category continued to be fully dominated by the Chilean legend Felipe Vasquez followed by Maxi Grappiolo from Argentina and Eduardo Stein from Peru.

Day 4 Results (full results)


  1. Milciades Jaque 22:15.38
  2. Pedro Fereira 22:25.73
  3. Jerome Clementz 22:27.20


  1. Tracy Moseley 25:57.66
  2. Casey Brown 26:17.32
  3. Florencia Espiñeira 27:14.33

2017 Andes Pacifico Standings After Day 4 (full standings)


  1. Jerome Clementz 145:53.29
  2. Milciades Jaque 146:43.43
  3. François Bailly-maître 147:13.72


  1. Tracy Moseley 169:55.60
  2. Emily Slaco 184:27.88
  3. Florencia Espiñeira 184:32.95
Photos: Sam Needham / Dave Trumpore / Jonathan Junge
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