No early start in 2013 for the UCI World Cup downhill races rather a pack end of season. Get your plans together. There's a note on the schedule that says "potential World Cup event in China (after positive 2012 Test Event, 2013 World Cup date TBC)." We don't know if that includes DH or not. Update: The final 2013 calendar does not include an event in China, nor the round that was initially announced for Willingen, Germany. Revised schedule below.

June 8-9, 2013 Fort William, Scotland
June 15-16, 2013 Willingen, Germany
June 15-16, 2013 Val di Sole, Italy
July 27-28, 2013 Vallnord, Andora
August 10-11, 2013 Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec, Canada
September 14-15, 2013 Hafjell, Norway
September 21-22, Leogang, Austria

August 26-September 1, 2013 Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

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  • buttbongo

    4/13/2013 8:47 AM

    The UCI is only consistant at pissing off fans and athletes. This season going to suck no us events, no windham. That windham track was more balls to the wall than any other, real riders loved it. Complaining team managers had a hard time finding it so they want it off the calendar???? Deffinately a euro cup this year with only 6 events they can have it. Those euro tracks are all smooth and laim pedal corses. Welcome to 29er dh dropper post xcdh racing, lets play it safe and have a pedalling contest sports fans.

  • SpokeApparel

    4/13/2013 9:05 AM

    There is no conspiracy here. Read my comments from months ago as to why the race is not coming back to Windham.

  • One Ghost

    1/14/2013 4:17 PM

    It just occurred to me the last race in Leogang will be during Interbike. yeah lame!

  • kaibrabo

    11/4/2012 10:31 AM

    Northstar/Mammoth Mtn WORLD CUP!!

  • kaibrabo

    11/4/2012 10:33 AM

    the reason i say this, is because Northstar puts on a dozen races a year, its in California, DRY LOOSE track, ELEVATION... etc.

  • DHmental

    11/3/2012 11:14 PM

    World Cup? pffftt more like european cup.

  • jeremy.lavigne

    11/2/2012 1:57 PM

    The thing is a lot of people don't understand how race industry has been working.The UCI does not organize races.They have organizers do that for them.The UCI is only the governing body.They can't just make races out of nothing.Their has to be an organizer who fronts the cash to lease the venues for the race.The UCI have a good relationship with the organization who put on the Mt St Anne race.That is why there is a race there every year and the same guys did Bromont as well a few seasons ago.If a certain venue or area does not have an organizer who can meet the UCI criteria then obviously there wont be a race there.Why doesn't Whistler have a race?There has not been an organizer to my knowledge,that meets UCI criteria that has stepped forward with a bid.Personally not a big fan of the UCI.Our sport needs a new governing body that also organizes the venues.Then there will be 10-12 round WC races.

  • ride14fun

    4/2/2013 8:16 PM

    Jeremy you are very correct in what you say. especially "meets UCI criteria" like free hotel for all officials and BS track rules. How can we have a "NEW" and "better" governing body. NEED to get these big venues to step up with some $$$ and red bull monster sram shimano fox and athletes by in. looks like Urban WC has more of a chance next year.

  • JoseMPM

    11/2/2012 10:11 AM

    I find the title image very appropriate. The UCI fucked this up badly. We give you 7 rounds and the potential for an 8th in China, plus Worlds.

    BUT WAIT, that'll make people happy. Let's scrap that and have a short season instead. June 16th Italy, July 28th Andorra. Tell me in which world is it so hard to get a world cup in Les Gets (France) in the middle. No need for extra travel, it's in the way, and you have a full month!

  • ThisGuy

    11/2/2012 8:54 AM

    Just 6! Come back to the US! Come back to Colorado!

  • mp

    11/2/2012 5:53 AM

    Six races doesn't make much of a series.

  • Dylan Dean

    11/1/2012 6:52 PM

    Soooo.... am i the only one that notices that MSA overlaps the first weekend of Crankworx Whistler?
    that means my truck & i will have to stay on the east coast & i'll have to fly my riders to Whistler.. yippie

    idiots are making it harder & harder for me to schedule in the US Grand Prix every year!

  • One Ghost

    1/14/2013 4:18 PM

    they do it on purpose buddy

  • danny.spalding.9

    11/1/2012 5:21 PM

    May as well add a race in BC or atleast US while they 'revise' it!

  • neimbc

    11/1/2012 5:12 PM

    They really need to get a great place in the US - a place in S. America would be cool, as well as somewhere in Asia - then you have a WC. And someone please tell my why Worlds should not be at the end of the WC season/? It seems to me that would make sense - anyway to me, it's just an over glorified WC event.

  • JonnyC

    11/1/2012 4:49 PM

    I need to stop posting it's a sad waste of time.

  • bambam

    11/1/2012 4:12 PM

    The South African world champs was announced LAST SEASON if people had been paying attention so this idea that Gwin didnt win there so Whitely convinced the UCI to put it there is just ridiculous. Just because Gwin is killing it doesnt mean that the USA deserve preferential treatment for World Cup rounds.

    How many World Cup rounds did Australia get when Hill, Kovarik, Rennie, Hannah etc etc were smashing everyone? 1.Was it ongoing? Nope.

    How do Aussie juniors get a chance to improve and showcase their talent? Same way they always have, they go to Europe and race, which is what the Americans and EVERYONE ELSE will have to do too. Is it expensive? Try flying to Europe from Australia some time.....

    Is the race season too short and too close together? Absolutely! Would I like to see a WC in Canada or the USA? Certainly. Is the UCI trying to sabotage DH in the US and is involved in a conspiracy to stop Gwin? Of course not, grow up.

  • tstep

    11/1/2012 6:42 PM

    the problem with your RANT is that you didn't take into account that all the teams will already be in canada, so they could easily drive down to the states for a world cup on the east coast. Also your statement about the whole preferential treatment because gwin is dominating just makes you seem like you're putting gwin on a pedestal, when we have seen that he is not "dominating" because he was beat a handful of times this year.

  • bambam

    11/1/2012 7:02 PM

    I think you missed the point I was trying to make. I think there should be a round in the states and Canada too, I think it grows the sport having WC rounds there. Theres a huge existing and growing fan base in countries with massive populations whats to lose by having rounds there?

    I was having a crack at some of the comments on here moaning about a conspiracy against Gwin with the choice of champs venue and the big moan about juniors in the US by pointing out that everyone is in the same boat. Im not putting Gwin on a pedestal but the people who think the UCI are conspiring against him certainly are!

    The Sth Africans, Australians and Americans all do a truckload of traveling.

  • warthog

    11/1/2012 3:38 PM

    So, Windam is dropped because of it supposedly being too much for the teams to deal with travel wise, even though they will already be so close at Mont St. Anne? I have a difficult time figuring that out when I see the schedule going from Quebec to Pietermaritzburg and then to Hafjell over the span of just a few weeks. Who knows, maybe someone at the UCI figured out a way to have everybodys frequent flyer miles added to his own Visa card? They UCI absolutely DOES suck and has ALWAYS sucked!
    As bummed as I am about Windam, i'd be totally okay with it being dropped (since there already is a North American round) if it meant adding a round to somewhere else that always gets hosed. South America for example, how about New Zealand, Australia, somewhere in Asia perhaps? Hell, even the West Coast of North America would add a little variety.

  • JonnyC

    11/1/2012 3:41 PM

    Travel costs: What about South Africa? That can't be cheap.

  • warthog

    11/1/2012 7:01 PM

    Exactly, that's why I mentioned it.

  • SpokeApparel

    11/2/2012 10:06 PM

    Windham was not "dropped." the venue had a 3 year contract. The contract was fulfilled. Under this contract, the resort was partially responsible for funding the effort, along with two major, silent benefactors. Windham did not pursue a renewal simply because the mountain didn't make enough revenue to justify it again. From what I was told, by organizers close to windham, it was a near 6 figure loss for the mountain. The city belives big in bikes, and almost all the support staff were townies working for free. They all want the series back and had the chance to renew, I believe. But the money just wasnt there. The shame doesn't really fall on the UCI or Windham. It falls on our culture for not respecting this sport like we respect our arena games. we need to get more spectators and sell more tickets.
    : /

  • lev

    11/1/2012 3:08 PM

    It is crap that the races aren't spread out, however you Americans call your (American) baseball tournament the 'World Series'! Just saying.

  • TomFoolery

    2/28/2013 6:18 PM

    Have you ever seen the list of foreign players in MLB? It doesn't matter what country you are from, your best player is in the MLB. "World Series" is just a name but its not a misnomer.

  • SchredGreen

    11/1/2012 2:58 PM

    Yup. More U.S., and some in Venezuela as well. Amazing terrain there ! And double the amount of races, please.

  • JonnyC

    11/1/2012 2:27 PM

    South Africa? hhmmm does Martin Whiteley have anything to do with this? I guess it is a easy place to travel to, great lift access and no long pedal sections.

  • Big Bird

    7/16/2012 10:55 AM

    So is the China round officially out?


    7/15/2012 2:18 PM

    Well…I have to admit, this is a complete bullshit…why not UCI just leave the British Cup and/or the IXS cup as the WORLD CUP…???

    I understand the bid stuff on the venues, but common…just 1 race in the american continent…?? and they dare to call this a world cup…? Heck, we need at least 1 venue in each continent….you don´t know if you are loosing your next Aaron Gwinn or just next Steve Peat if you don´t race them against the best of the world…

    Now, put this into $$…why the hell like dudeabides7 said, teams will need to come to America for just one race and the rest of the season is in Euro…is nonesense, its completly stupid (pardon me, but this is unbelievable)….the level is raising up in all countries right now…just as a example, take the crankworx slopestyle (yeah its far diferent from DH but focus on the point) out of nowhere a kid came in the show and took SECOND…. I mean, if this event would have not get to this place, this kid could be there showing his skills to his peers only…and yet, with the event moving there this year, hell, this kid and some others have shown their potencial…so more companies in their countries might get in the boat to help them reach the world series…or even better start investing in their grassroots…but until then…you will never know…

  • Muttly1981

    11/1/2012 5:07 PM

    "I understand the bid stuff on the venues, but common…just 1 race in the american continent…?? and they dare to call this a world cup…?" Doesn't America have a baseball game called the world series that only contains American teams?

    The lack of American rounds is a worry but the biggest worry is the fact that they are cramming a whole season into 3 months, not every rider at the world cups rides for a factory team so I really hope that some of them have understanding bosses that let them have close to 3 months off work instead of 5-7 days each month


    11/2/2012 7:24 AM you know the % of american players in the "baseball world series".....? find that out and I can see a true statement on it...there are cubans, venezuelas, players from Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama ect, ect.... Now, they play there because that is were the power of baseball resides (not to mention is the glorified US people sport), the rest of the world does not have that power of a league...

    And yes, the 3months...of course is nonsense, but to me is yet more of a nonsense all the discussion being place here about the travelling...many teams complains on the logistics this creates, the cost of travelling....yet, the UCI does not want to listen and put races in places so far apart, but continue to get most of the races in Europe, someone mention here...all the years Hill dominated and what was about a race in Australia...? look at Marcelo Gutierrez....

  • maximumradness

    7/14/2012 10:58 PM

    RANT: ah shit. no races in the us? what are ya gonna do? go enduro racing. i guess. i like world cup, im calling it euro cup from now on. yeah, we should do something, like have an amercas cup or something. go dean. hes the man. he is the doing something. but really, needing sanctioning bodies is the dilemma here. are we a sport? are we a culture? are we hippies? or just moto/bmx hybrid super ripping earth crushers?? who needs the hype and drama? wanna race wc's? go to euro land and make it happen. wanna honor the memories of late 70's california? smoke a fatty and go clunking. UCI, USAC, BIKE canada... im sure they got one everywhere, all suck, cuz they are all trying to do sooo much for everyone. lets go ride. go gwin. im still a peaty fan. but i want to see blenki murder already!! a true world cup would be 6 months of hell, two or three races on each major body of land, and would destroy bikes bodies and budgets everywhere. buy more bikes, they will afford more races. shit, ima buy anew bike tomoro. how bout this. how bout we all strava dh from now on. year round. all tracks are game. im going to do my own whirled cup. dont stress out- i wont sue you! its 2012, and we are watching dh on the tvwebernet laptop brought to you by red bull??? lets go ride our 28 stone 12 inch travel plastique vunderbiken all over the damned place and let the swiss work out the timing! HI-5. really really HI-5 for MTB.

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