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Champéry, Switzerland played host to one of the most challenging UCI DH World Championships in several years. The course was incredibly steep and conditions varied greatly from practice to race day. Sporadic rain late in the week made for very slippery terrain, and many riders struggled to keep themselves upright the whole way down. Weather conditions worsened throughout the race, with torrential rain coming down during the Men's final.

Four riders really shined today, making a prominent place for themselves in World Championships history - Danny Hart, Troy Brosnan, Emmeline Ragot, and Manon Carpenter all won by over ten seconds!


As the fastest riders took to the course, Brendan Fairclough captured the lead from Remi Thirion by 6.6 seconds. Of the next handful of racers, Sam Blenkinsop and Damien Spagnolo would both best Fairclough's time.

Sam Hill was approved to ride following a recent shoulder injury about two weeks before the World Championships. The injury didn't seem to hinder him, though, as he flew down the hill and into 7th Place aboard the all new S-Works Carbon Specialized Demo 8.

Josh Bryceland had a big crash, and his bike cartwheeled off the course. Several minutes later, he found his bike and crossed the finish line at the back of the pack. Rest assured that Rat Boy's time will come, someday!

With just a few riders left and possibly the worst conditions of the day, Danny Hart left the start gate on a mission. He rode like the Danny we all have come to know and love - on the edge but somehow still in control. His split times improved from 4.5 seconds up, to 9, and eventually 11.7 seconds over the hotseat leader at the time, Damien Spagnolo.

Danny Hart ABSOLUTELY SMASHED it. He faced some of the worst conditions of the day and still came out way on top. Congratulations to the 2011 Elite Men's DH World Champion. - Photo: Sven Martin

Gee Atherton had a hard crash during practice a few days ago, and as a result he opted to sit out some of the remaining practice sessions and the timed training run. His performance appeared to be greatly affected as he slipped and slid his way down the hill into 52nd Place.

Greg Minnaar had a small crash up top, but still continued to ride smooth and consistently down the rest of the course. Minnaar would end up in 8th Place when all was said and done.

Aaron Gwin was the last man down the hill and on pace to give Hart a run for the gold, just 0.9 seconds back at the first split. An over-the-bars crash in the catch netting put the World Cup Champion out of contention, and Hart knew it was his big day at that moment.

This race also marked Fabien Barel's final World Cup competition. He announced his retirement earlier this season and finished the year out like a true champion, battling pain from four broken ribs but still crossing the finish line one last time. 10th Place on the day and a prominent place in MTB World Cup history for Barel.

Rank Name UCI Code Team Result
1 HART Danny GBR19910920 GREAT BRITAIN 3:41.989
2 SPAGNOLO Damien FRA19850428 FRANCE +11.699
3 BLENKINSOP Samuel NZL19881028 NEW-ZEALAND +12.993
4 FAIRCLOUGH Brendan GBR19880110 GREAT BRITAIN +13.135
5 PASCAL Mickael FRA19791011 FRANCE +14.642
6 BEAUMONT Marc GBR19840925 GREAT BRITAIN +15.445
7 HILL Samuel AUS19850721 AUSTRALIA +15.901
8 MINNAAR Greg RSA19811113 SOUTH AFRICA +15.990
9 MACDONALD Brook NZL19911125 NEW-ZEALAND +16.932
10 BAREL Fabien FRA19800726 FRANCE +18.294
11 THIRION Rémi FRA19900423 FRANCE +19.765
12 GWIN Aaron USA19871224 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA +20.422
13 MILIVINTI Marco ITA19851202 ITALY +21.743
14 PAYET Florent FRA19861121 FRANCE +22.131
15 SCOLES Matthew NZL19890605 NEW-ZEALAND +22.872
16 PEKOLL Markus AUT19871013 AUSTRIA +23.707
17 PEAT Steve GBR19740617 GREAT BRITAIN +24.764
18 MAY Ludovic SUI19890403 SWITZERLAND +25.320
19 SUDING Lorenzo ITA19860315 ITALY +25.335
20 GUARDIA PASCUAL Bernat ESP19820930 SPAIN +25.800
21 NEETHLING Andrew RSA19840805 SOUTH AFRICA +28.137
23 LEOV Justin NZL19841020 NEW-ZEALAND +29.010
24 GUTIERREZ VILLEGAS Marcelo COL19900509 COLOMBIA +32.339
25 POMBO Emanuel POR19870616 PORTUGAL +32.489
26 KLAUSMANN Marcus GER19770808 GERMANY +32.791
27 FERREIRO PAJUELO Antonio ESP19900103 SPAIN +33.552
28 BEER Nick SUI19870917 SWITZERLAND +33.911
29 STRASSER Benny GER19890805 GERMANY +34.332
30 RUTAR Nejc SLO19890427 SLOVENIA +35.345
31 OULEGO MORENO Ivan ESP19760604 SPAIN +36.429
32 BENTLEY Timothy RSA19920723 SOUTH AFRICA +36.946
34 STONIG Matthias AUT19890616 AUSTRIA +40.592
35 PANDUR Ziga SLO19910117 SLOVENIA +42.531
36 PEYER Lars SUI19880816 SWITZERLAND +42.615
37 SHIMIZU Kazuki JPN19920426 JAPAN +43.313
38 BEER Marcel SUI19851227 SWITZERLAND +43.384
39 HANNAH Michael AUS19831121 AUSTRALIA +44.077
40 LISZI Attila HUN19921029 HUNGARY +44.446
41 WILLEMSE Rhys AUS19910911 AUSTRALIA +44.605
43 O'CONNOR Shaun AUS19910713 AUSTRALIA +45.898
44 DEL BOSCO Chris CAN19820330 CANADA +46.875
45 GAMENARA Andréa ITA19911128 ITALY +47.458
46 REID Ben IRL19860324 IRELAND +48.403
47 FRASER Rob CAN19900912 CANADA +48.430
48 JOHANSEN Zakarias Blom NOR19921125 NORWAY +49.547
49 KEENE Curtis USA19791121 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA +50.361
50 ACUNA QUINTANA Mauricio Andres CHI19880815 CHILE +50.935
51 GIACOMOZZI Nataniel BRA19841225 BRAZIL +51.010
52 ATHERTON Gee GBR19850226 GREAT BRITAIN +52.272
53 ESTRADA PULGARIN Mauricio Ernesto COL19830110 COLOMBIA +52.439
54 POTGIETER Johann RSA19870106 SOUTH AFRICA +54.381
55 GRUBER Manuel AUT19921127 AUSTRIA +55.453
56 NYLENDE Terje NOR19910806 NORWAY +57.719
57 FREI Martin SUI19880730 SWITZERLAND +58.710
58 HENRIQUE MIRANDA Walace BRA19850327 BRAZIL +59.121
59 PARDAL Francisco POR19910116 PORTUGAL +59.577
60 WALLNER Robin SWE19880704 SWEDEN +1:00.728
61 O'RIORDAN Seanan IRL19900704 IRELAND +1:01.192
62 CARBALLO GONZALEZ Edgar ESP19881222 SPAIN +1:01.724
63 HAAS Mathias AUT19810330 AUSTRIA +1:02.630
64 GAUVIN Remi CAN19920616 CANADA +1:09.495
65 BERCHTOLD Markolf BRA19800209 BRAZIL +1:13.325
66 VAUH Miran SLO19821104 SLOVENIA +1:19.731
67 MOCELLIN Andrea ITA19911111 ITALY +1:20.141
68 HARNSTROM Oscar SWE19900420 SWEDEN +1:20.741
69 SCERBININS Marcis LAT19810320 LATVIA +1:23.676
70 CALLAGHAN Greg IRL19911115 IRELAND +1:30.424
72 LAUGHLAND Scott IRL19900301 IRELAND +1:36.055
73 COZZI Claudio ITA19870107 ITALY +1:41.678
74 LAKTIS Matej SVK19901010 SLOVAKIA +1:48.204
75 GSPAN Dominik SUI19870716 SWITZERLAND +1:48.321
76 POMBO Daniel POR19850205 PORTUGAL +1:49.035
77 MIKULENKA Martin CZE19880112 CZECH REPUBLIC +1:49.592
78 SARIOGLOU Orlando GRE19830224 GREECE +1:50.329
79 CHARVAT Matej CZE19851126 CZECH REPUBLIC +1:54.535
80 TOPOL Berislav CRO19910428 CROATIA +1:59.264
81 LI HING FUI Arnaud MRI19771214 MAURITIUS +2:02.771
82 LEHIKOINEN Matti FIN19840419 FINLAND +2:04.314
83 HANAK Martin CZE19911024 CZECH REPUBLIC +2:23.077
84 POPOV Valentyn UKR19870522 UKRAINE +2:24.776
85 HAUGLAND Kristoffer NOR19911009 NORWAY +2:25.060
86 MARION Matthieu MRI19860113 MAURITIUS +2:53.467
87 WOLFE Gerard IRL19861024 IRELAND +3:17.758
88 PURRES Erik-lennart EST19890422 ESTONIA +3:20.279
89 KLACINSKI Nikola CRO19910817 CROATIA +3:30.545
90 LIOVIC Frano CRO19871209 CROATIA +3:58.602
91 BRYCELAND Josh GBR19900323 GREAT BRITAIN +4:10.930
92 PUKHIR Nikolay RUS19880224 RUSSIAN FEDERATION +5:17.826

Junior Men:

Troy Brosnan, your 2011 Junior DH World Champion (with a time that would have put him in second in Elite Men!) - Photo: Sven Martin

Rank Name UCI Code Team Result
1 BROSNAN Troy AUS19930713 AUSTRALIA 3:51.503
2 TRUMMER David AUT19940601 AUSTRIA +12.188
3 CAUVIN Guillaume FRA19940521 FRANCE +19.294
4 BUCHANAN Lewis GBR19930927 GREAT BRITAIN +20.796
5 BRUNI Loic FRA19940513 FRANCE +22.235
6 GUTIÉRREZ Rafael COL19940831 COLOMBIA +22.635
7 STEVENS Luke CAN19930821 CANADA +23.781
8 OLORENSHAW Reuben NZL19930426 NEW-ZEALAND +27.233
9 PARRET Arthur FRA19930131 FRANCE +30.282
10 LUKASIK Slawomir POL19930501 POLAND +31.062
11 FIGARET Faustin FRA19931107 FRANCE +33.613
12 URUBA Jan CZE19941127 CZECH REPUBLIC +35.806
13 OGET Ludovic FRA19931112 FRANCE +36.079
14 FEARON Connor AUS19940119 AUSTRALIA +36.287
15 SCOTT Mark GBR19930511 GREAT BRITAIN +37.177
16 PIAZZA Phillip AUS19930129 AUSTRALIA +38.499
17 ORREGO CASTANO Juan Manuel COL19931002 COLOMBIA +39.385
18 MCMILLAN David AUS19940228 AUSTRALIA +40.558
19 FRANKS Daniel NZL19931002 NEW-ZEALAND +43.536
20 CAIRE Carlo ITA19940804 ITALY +45.799
21 YRTTIAHO Brandon AUS19930210 AUSTRALIA +49.582
22 SUHAN Riley CAN19930911 CANADA +49.844
23 POWER Ben AUS19930411 AUSTRALIA +50.634
24 SHERIDAN Dan IRL19940517 IRELAND +51.119
25 ODENDAAL Tiaan RSA19941106 SOUTH AFRICA +54.532
26 CHAPUIS Maxime SUI19941222 SWITZERLAND +55.530
27 CARROLL Gavin IRL19930226 IRELAND +57.112
28 CABIROU Rudy FRA19940511 FRANCE +58.172
29 ORMO Ville FIN19940106 FINLAND +58.390
30 POTTER Reece NZL19940107 NEW-ZEALAND +59.740
31 HUNZIKER Freddy SUI19930623 SWITZERLAND +1:03.952
32 CASTRO Carlos POR19930926 PORTUGAL +1:04.462
33 BYGATE Nick NZL19930515 NEW-ZEALAND +1:05.073
34 VEJVODA Joe AUS19940814 AUSTRALIA +1:08.164
35 BAGNOUD Antoine SUI19940816 SWITZERLAND +1:10.807
36 BERNET Jonas SUI19940218 SWITZERLAND +1:14.285
37 SANGERS Kyle CAN19930412 CANADA +1:19.339
38 WRIGHT Christian USA19930724 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA +1:20.625
39 VAN DER MERWE Adi RSA19940303 SOUTH AFRICA +1:20.810
40 CEPELAK Jan CZE19940702 CZECH REPUBLIC +1:21.193
41 MLINAR Peter SLO19930601 SLOVENIA +1:21.421
42 HEDMAN Tim SWE19930501 SWEDEN +1:31.401
43 BÜNNEMANN Philipp GER19930720 GERMANY +1:33.948
44 KNAPEC Martin SVK19941204 SLOVAKIA +1:39.176
45 HODDER Jordan CAN19940219 CANADA +1:50.691
46 SAVOLAINEN Joonas FIN19930401 FINLAND +1:52.533
48 FEY Alasdair RSA19930319 SOUTH AFRICA +1:59.556
49 STEPANEK Ondrej CZE19940118 CZECH REPUBLIC +2:17.609
50 MCGLINCHEY Christopher IRL19940331 IRELAND +2:24.267
52 LEIVSSON Isak NOR19931017 NORWAY +3:40.219


The Women were really going for it, but staying on their bikes seemed to be the hardest part. Emmeline Ragot kept it mostly upright and took the victory by over 15 seconds over Rachel Atherton. World Cup Champion Tracy Moseley had a few big spills, coming in 9th place, over 44 seconds back. Floriane Pugin did not start due to the injuries she sustained during her timed practice run. Heal up, Flying Banana!

Myriam Nicole was fastest at the second split by over 9 seconds, but a mishap near the bottom pushed her back to 4th Place. - Photo: Sven Martin

Rank Name UCI Code Team Result
1 RAGOT Emmeline FRA19860527 FRANCE 4:54.012
2 ATHERTON Rachel GBR19871206 GREAT BRITAIN +15.291
3 BUCHAR Claire CAN19780426 CANADA +27.953
4 NICOLE Myriam FRA19900208 FRANCE +28.294
5 JONNIER Sabrina FRA19810819 FRANCE +30.317
6 SUEMASA Mio JPN19830401 JAPAN +37.723
7 BERNHARD Petra AUT19801118 AUSTRIA +38.370
9 MOSELEY Tracy GBR19790412 GREAT BRITAIN +44.151
10 RUCHTI Miriam SUI19870101 SWITZERLAND +49.112
11 RUCKNAGEL Harriet GER19881011 GERMANY +1:04.222
12 BROWN Casey CAN19901027 CANADA +1:06.205
13 MILLER Miranda CAN19900302 CANADA +1:09.717
14 HARMONY Jacqueline USA19780307 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA +1:25.422
15 SHORT Katherine CAN19901102 CANADA +1:35.570
16 RABEDER Elke AUT19770526 AUSTRIA +1:39.968
17 GRIFFITHS Fionn GBR19820827 GREAT BRITAIN +1:48.874
18 RUBESAM Sandra GER19880210 GERMANY +1:52.436
19 LAIRD Amy NZL19820106 NEW-ZEALAND +4:17.802
20 GROS Céline FRA19830128 FRANCE +15:56.235

Junior Women:

About two hours before the Junior Women took off, the skies opened up. All of them struggled in the mud. Manon Carpenter crashed three times, but persevered and eventually walked away with the World Championship Title in addition to the Junior Women's World Cup Overall.

Rank Name UCI Code Team Result
1 CARPENTER Manon GBR19930311 GREAT BRITAIN 5:11.545
2 DELEST Agnes FRA19931112 FRANCE +14.457
3 ROSSER Lauren CAN19931004 CANADA +17.248
4 REYNIER Sandra FRA19940622 FRANCE +21.943
5 ATKIN Sarah NZL19930322 NEW-ZEALAND +57.367
6 SANDLER Veronique NZL19930417 NEW-ZEALAND +1:39.175
7 FOURTON Lea FRA19930610 FRANCE +1:52.368
8 BETHELL Sophiemarie NZL19930423 NEW-ZEALAND +1:59.842
9 TAYLOR Madeline NZL19930804 NEW-ZEALAND +2:29.010

Stay tuned for the full story in our DH World Championships slideshow. It'll be a banger!
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