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Results are in and Zink wins with the help of an incredible 360 of the Oakley Icon Sender drop. WOW! Gee Atherton, 2nd place, was the only one to stick the big gap/wallride/hip transfer and he did that in first run, opting not to take a final run. His line into it seemed to make the difference.

1st - (89.20) Cameron Zink, 24, USA, Corsair Bikes (SO SICK ZINK!!!)
2nd - (82.40) Gee Atherton, 25, UK, Commencal Bikes
3rd - (81.20) Darren Berrecloth, 28, Canada, Specialized Bikes
4th - (79.00) Andreu Lacondeguy, 21, Spain, Mondraker Bikes
5th - (77.20) Geoff Gulevich, 23, Canada, Rocky Mountain
6th - (76.60) Thomas Vanderham, 26, Canada, Evil Bikes
7th - (76.00) Robbie Bourdon, 24, Canada, Intense Bikes
8th - (75.60) Kyle Strait, 23, USA, Pivot Bikes
9th - (74.80) Logan Binggeli, 21, USA, KHS Bikes
10th - (73.00) Kurt Sorge, 21, Canada, Giant Bikes
11 th - (72.20) Alex Prochazka, 19, Canada, Commencal Bikes
12 th - (71.80) Tyler McCaul, 20, USA, GT Bikes
13 th - (71.00) Graham Agassiz, 20, Canada, Kona Bikes
14 th - (68.80) Cedric Gracia, 32, France, Santa Cruz Bikes
15 th - (64.20) Michal Marosi, 32, Czech, KTM Bikes
16 th - (63.80) Jamie Goldman, 24, USA, Santa Cruz Bikes
17 th - (54.60) Greg Watts, 23, USA, Haro Bikes
DNF - James Doerfling, 24, Canada, Knolly Bikes
DNF - Mike Hopkins, 24, Canada, Independent
DNF - Curtis Robinson, 21, Canada, Knolly Bikes
DNF - Chris VanDine, 29, USA, Cannondale Bikes
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Darren Berrecloth's line was very tech, sketchy and ended with a nice 360 on his 2nd attempt, boosting him to 3rd overall. Bourdo had a really rad, tech line, too.

Thomas Vanderham suicided the big Canyon Gap, but scores down that line didn't seem to be as high as the other lines.

Andreu crashed on a no hander flip on his 2nd run, so his first run score held up.

Gulevich was in perfect control off the Oakley sender, into a big flip followed by some of the smoothest table top/motowhips off the following jump.

Strait did some pretty gnarly, stretched out suicides on the Oakley Icon Sender drop. He crashed on an over-jumped Indian air on his 2nd run.

Wind came up and put a hold on the event for about an hour, but things calmed down and finished strong.

What a great day, all the riders and event staff did an incredible job. Props and thank you!

More to come.
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