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UPDATE about the judging (and though I wasn't there, I understand 100% what they're saying...if they laid down the rules before the contest, then those are the rules)
From AT: "The finals were judged with an entirely different format than the best one of two run format we used to judge the qualifiers. We all liked Mike's riding (in fact he was probably one our favorite riders to watch there), but due to injury Montgomery rode for about 10 minutes of the hour long jam session. Mike still managed to remain almost everyone's 7th choice.

The way we calculated the final results was similar to racing. We took everyone's top riders and gave them points according to their placing (i.e. if you got 1st you got one point), the rider with the lowest total came out on top. I felt like the jam session nature was clearly announced, which meant we were looking for overall standout impression during the entire hour long jam, not a single run.

I think it would have been a slight to the top 6 guys who rode incredibly hard for an hour (and to Tmac, Casey, Greg and Josh who went down incredibly hard repeatedly but finished the session) to bump one of them for a single run. No matter how good that run was.

Results from the 2010 AT's Showdown
1. Greg Watts
2. Josh Stead (YES!)
3. Jamie Goldman
4. Casey Groves
5. Paul Bas
6. Tyler McCaul

Here's the word about Mike Montgomery from Brantley, "Montgomery got so robbed! 720, cannonball, NF can, flipwhip and flair on quarter and didn't even place." - if this is true, that's really disturbing and we'll keep you posted.

Update: Mike Montgomery qualified first. The final was a jam session and Mike pulled out his sick run early on in the finals and then crashed on a different run, rolling his ankle. He didn't continue to compete. It *seems* like his run was forgotten about as the rest of the competitors continued with the jam session. I can understand and it is always tough being a judge, but the sentiment from riders and spectators was disappointment. The disapppointment is not about the order of the results, rather that Mike wasn't even in the top 6. More as we get it...

Update: Josh Stead did two different double backflips in the finals jam as well as front-flip tables. Casey Groves did a tuck no-hander to late tailwhip.

Update: From Zachdank - Clint "C-Money" Chandler separated his shoulder and may have a broken foot from trying to 720 the first jump, too.

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