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Race for Tara 3

October 10-11, 2009

What- MEGA DH race! Bring at least 5 inches're gonna need it!! This year GIANT Bicycles has upped the ante and there is a $2,500 GIANT and GIANT for Women Pro Purse.

Where- Northstar Resort at Tahoe -

When- October 10th and 11th  weekend.
Practice Saturday and race Sunday.

Who- Everyone who loves to ride for a good cause!!

How- Click Right Here to Register

Why- To help raise money for the Tara Llanes Road to Recovery Fund and the Christopher Reeve Spinal Cord Research Center.

Course Description:
The Mega DH course is a one of a kind course for a one of a kind event!! A Classic!! This year Northstar has put together an unreal downhill course that will challenge both your skill and your fitness. The course will be approximately 4 miles long with an 1800 foot descent from 8600ft at the summit to 6800ft at mid mountain. I expect to see times ranging from just under ten minutes to fifteen plus minutes depending on ability. As far as course descriptions are concerned: All classes will be on a somewhat rocky descent of a fireroad (east ridge) that will connect to the tahoe trail which is a smooth winding descent to the top of the vista chair. The Sticks and Stones portion of the course is a mix of rocky/ technical singletrack with some drops that have slower ride arounds and some more serious rock gardens that the sport riders will avoid by going over to speed control. The Twigs and berries and speed control trails are more of the wide open high speed singletrack with some nice floating jumps across ski trails and will descend down Frolick (a fireroad) back to lower sticks and stones. All of the courses will converge at the btm of lower pho dogg to finish at the stadium jump. The route the 4-wheel bikes will be taking might be a little longe in mileage and will contain more fireroad sections to avoid sticks and stones.

Pro/Semi-Pro/Expert course: East Ridge, Tahoe Trail, Sticks and Stones, Daytona Berms, and Stadium Jump.

Sport/Beginner: East Ridge, Tahoe Trail, Sticks and Stones, Twigs and Berries, Speed Control, Frolich, Lower Sticks and Stones, Daytona Berms, and Stadium Jump.

4 Wheel Route: East Ridge, Tahoe Trail, Sticks and Stones, Snake, Tryumph, Speed Control, Frolich, Lower Sticks and Stones, Daytona Berms, and Stadium Jump.

There is race day practice, but only from 10:00am to 11:00am since racing starts at 11:00am. If you do take the gondola up the race day morning you will only be able to practice the mid to lower sections unless you hike to the top since there will not be shuttles running the top section at that time.

Shuttles will be taking riders to the top all day Saturday for practice and Sunday for racing.

To register for the race, visit our registration page.

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