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your ideal trail bike head angle?

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1/25/2011 9:10 AM

most people cry slack, slack, slack, but what's your ideal all-mountain/trail bike head angle?


1/25/2011 9:28 AM



1/25/2011 9:41 AM



1/25/2011 10:11 AM

I like this guy's setup. Nice and slack:



1/25/2011 10:14 AM



1/25/2011 11:06 AM

I'd say 68


1/25/2011 11:34 AM

For me personally i'd say 67/68 on a trail bike. I'm not in much of a rush to get up the hill and it means i can have more fun on the downhill which is what really matters.


1/25/2011 12:58 PM




1/25/2011 1:51 PM

I think it is really dependant on location...

I ride a transition covert which is 67. On the east coast trails I call home it is a bit slack since they are slower speed in many places, of course it is nice on the steeps but doesnt jump up the steep quick ups we have that well.

When I am riding out west the 67 is perfect...

I'd say 68 w/ an internal lower cup with the ability to slacken the HA to 67 with an external lower cup...


1/25/2011 3:07 PM

For north east XC trail riding SC BlurXC 69, for mostly down stuff Banshee Rune 67. Need two bikes really out here. The Rune is a tank going up.


1/25/2011 5:50 PM

Just installed a Revelation and Angleset on my Tracer. 66.5 HA with a 40" bar height is great here in the PNW, climb up - rip down. Bars are getting wider and HA are getting slacker. Good times are here.


1/25/2011 7:46 PM

On a all-mountain/trail bike id ride 67.5 on a 26in. and 69 on a 29.


1/25/2011 10:15 PM

I have my Pivot Firebird with a Angleset at 66.5, works good for me.


1/26/2011 7:18 AM

66... love it. it weaves a bit on steep climbs, but is perfect when things get rough and fast


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1/26/2011 12:32 PM

Mission 3 is 68', my Sortie Black is 70'... wish it was a skosh slacker


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1/26/2011 9:10 PM

65 with a 75 seat angle for AM.

The good next gen 160mm bikes will probably be this.


1/27/2011 6:00 AM

whitetux wrote:

For me personally i'd say 67/68 on a trail bike. I'm not in much of a rush to get up the hill and it means i can have more fun ...more



CopperRidge Rider

1/28/2011 9:36 PM

If by angle, you mean a particular way of approaching or considering an issue or problem, the I would say anyone's idea angle should be to ride more and type less.


1/31/2011 1:22 PM

66-67 degrees... still turns fast and climbs alright... but when it gets gnar then you can still handle the rocks and steep decents...