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what back hubs do you guys ride?

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8/27/2012 6:45 PM

profile primo i was just wondering


8/28/2012 8:03 AM

On the hardtail I have a generic Tiawanese single speed hub with an 11 tooth Odessey driver and a 22 tooth front.


8/28/2012 10:42 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:21 AM

on the DH I have easton havoc hubs laced to the havoc carbon rims. the hub is HUGE and has pretty damn fast engagement, pretty quiet too, i like that.
my DJ hub on the other hand is the opposite. its a halo supadrive that I customized so it runs a 10x135mm axle. Ive heard stories of people demolishing these hubs but since i laced the wheels myself and give em plenty of service love, i havent had any problems. this hub is LOUD and the engagement is insane. engagement rivals kings and I9s and sounds like a swarm of angry bees. only problem i have with the hub on a single speed DJ in addition to my gorilla iron man ass legs is that it stretches chains so badly. its terrible how you can destroy chains with this hub due to the mad stretchin


two wheels, one love.

8/28/2012 11:48 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/28/2012 11:49 PM

Been running Hope Pro 2s for years, in either 135 or 150mm version. Good quality, easy to service, not crazy good engagement but definitely good enough, and the legendary ("infamous"/"obnoxious") Hope sound... smile

Never had any problems, through multiple wheel builds on the same hubs, so I'm sticking with the program.

I just wish I could get a set in green. Team only issue sucks! smile


10/2/2012 4:11 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/2/2012 4:12 AM

iceman2058 I'm 100% agree with you. Hubs are good quality, durable and loud smile

I have got 2 pair Pro 2 (135 and 150mm). and if I need other hub or new one I would definitely get Hope !