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trail destruction

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9/25/2010 2:45 PM

the majority of my riding gets done in a large public park. none of the trails there are bike specific. the gem of the trail system is a fun, bermy, singletrack that has been there for a few years. earlier this summer, some people, not under the guise of the local imba chapter, had build a "rogue" trail (using the term very loosely, because although it was damn fun, it was also damn tame). the local park commission responding by destroying everything. the new trail, the old one, all of it was straight brutalized. today when i discovered this treachery, sharp sticks and logs had been thrown across the trail. i pulled down a bit to get a better look, when lo and behold, there were nails and thumbtacks, pointy side up, in the middle of the trail. one of them had popped my tube and left a gash in my brand new tire. we shouldn't have to be treated like trash when compared to to other trail users, especially because we spend so much more time/energy maintaining, building, and ensuring safety on our trails.


9/27/2010 9:23 AM

take photographs and show them to the local parks department or even police.

the renegade trail building in a public park won't be condoned by any official authority, but if someone gets seriously hurt because of the sabotage, that would be awful.

maybe this could be a step forward to get something legit running.