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noob question

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5/30/2011 6:34 PM

first off i ride bmx and race too so i have alot of experience with bikes.i have a vital bmx account too, anyways, i was wondering if i could get a 24'' bmx cruiser frame, and put some suspension forks on it so it'd be like a hardtail. not for anything serious, just for trails on woods and stuff. would it work?


5/31/2011 8:59 AM

Yea, sort of. Back in the late 90's, maybe 2000, My dual slalom bike was a Bontrager 24" cruiser with a suspension fork with a front disk brake and five speeds in the back. While it does work, the bottom bracket height ends up a bit high. But as BMX bikes have higher BB's and you're used to that, it might be a good transition bike. Just know that eventually you'll want an MTB frame for stability and cornering.


6/12/2011 11:31 PM

The frame size on a cruiser is a bit small. If you compare a cruiser frame to a MTB frame( 24" wheelset) the cruiser is considerably smaller. These bikes are designed for totaly different types of riding so the geometry is completly different. Finding a squishy fork that wouldn't give you a too much rake and tilt would be hard. I could see where it could make for an interesting DH rig, but climbing would suck.

I wouldn't waste the money on it. You would have a hard time keeping up with other riders on more purpose built machines.