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need help!

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6/6/2010 3:28 PM

Im doing a speech on cycling and i need an attention-grabbing opening statement to start it off. any suggestions? If you got it from somewhere than i would like to know who said it for credit purposes, if you made one off the top of your head than i will quote you and give you credit if wanted. Thank you.


6/6/2010 4:37 PM

"BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!! (scream very loud while shaking cowbell)."



6/6/2010 6:02 PM

"Look around you, studies show that half of you will at some point in your life catch a venereal disease. Catch the cycling bug instead!"


MRP - VP of Business Dev.

6/6/2010 7:27 PM

"There´s two things in life that usually are a healthy addiction: Sex and Bikes."

That should grab any 17-year olds attention right away...