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mtb noob

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8/10/2010 1:57 PM

so first off i think you guys are freakin rad! a couple months ago i had a friend show me the rampage video and a handful of other mtb videos and i was hooked. ive ridden bmx and fmx for most of my life ever since i could pretty much walk iv been on bikes but never really looked into this. about a month ago i realized im a little too old to be rollin around on a bmx bike its just not comfortable anymore so i cruised down to the local shop in my area and went looking for bikes explained to the owner what was going on and he sent me in the direction of a hard tail let me ride a p2 cro mo and i fell in love i pulled the longest manuel ever on the thing got off and my wife to the thing. she said i looked way more comfotable on it and i should get it so me being me i went home found this place and started researching. the thing was the bike he let me ride i cant find anywhere on specialized web site the color way was awesome it looked like wood and had a pirate theme to it. so first off thanx for the new addiction secondly have any of you seen this bike it had marzochi bombshells on it and was pretty sweet kit just wanted to know if its a good starter for dj's and some trail riding( i can ride my bmx bike on the trails in irvine park and i do fine i just think this would be better) and i plan on doing huge upgrades as i progress and buying a downhill bike too just want some input thanx