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Coronavirus and MTB Events

5/8/2020 12:09 PM

Masjo wrote:

Does anyone else have a feeling that there may be no events this year? It seems like the primary concerns are spreading COVID-19 within crowds and any crashes being a complication on already strained hospital systems. With the UCI suspending racing until July, most of the races have been pushed into the fall which is when another 'wave' of infections is predicted to hit. I don't want to admit it any more than anyone else, but we may have an off-year with how things are going. Kudos to all regardless of their outcome- rescheduling a race must be hectic, and outright cancelling events is also a huge letdown.

As if event planning wasn't stressful enough! Assessing risks is no doubt at the forefront of everyone's minds. That second wave isn't a certainty. It's a risk, though.

And then there's this...


More and more, this will be a year of doubling down on local riding and trail building.


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5/10/2020 2:32 PM

Here's a question, will YOU still buy Chinese products after all of this alot of people I come in contact with tell me "No More" I understand this but I know who I am & I'm always gonna search out the best price.

How about you?


5/10/2020 2:38 PM

I'm not sure people realize how many products are in fact Chinese... A lot of them actually aren't (they can be Taiwanese, Vietnamese, etc.), but still.

And I'm not sure we as a society are prepared to pay the price for western-made products when we are spoilt by cheap products coming mainly from Asia. I think many people will say that but then not actually do it.


5/14/2020 4:53 PM


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5/26/2020 1:36 AM


5/26/2020 9:02 AM

And just after the cautious optimism from the EWS, comes a cold shower from Crankworx:,3619. These are strange times we live in...


5/28/2020 3:41 AM

UCI Masters World Championships 2020 are cancelled



6/3/2020 7:47 AM

2020 Val di Sole World Cup now canceled

2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup: cancellation of round in Val di Sole (Italy)
Jun 3, 2020, 15:36 PM

Due to the current pandemic (Covid-19) linked to the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) regrets having to announce that the round of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, which was to take place in Val di Sole (Italy) on 11 and 13 September, has been cancelled at the request of its organisers.

The decision was taken in light of new measures announced by authorities in the province of Trentino due to the health situation. These measures forbid any international sporting events until 15 October 2020.

The UCI and the organisers cooperated throughout the process, initially seeking to postpone the event to a later date in the season, before agreeing to take the difficult decision to cancel the UCI World Cup round. The UCI shares the disappointment of the mountain bike community and acknowledges the Organising Committee’s concerted efforts in these difficult circumstances.

Moreover, the UCI points out that the organisers’ decision to cancel Val di Sole also extends to the 2020 UCI Four-cross World Championships presented by Mercedes-Benz and the 2020 UCI Trials World Cup scheduled respectively for 10-11 September and 24-26 July.

Covid-19 pandemic: keeping track of events on the UCI International Calendar that are postponed or cancelled


6/3/2020 1:08 PM

Outerbike has also canceled three 2020 events but is hopeful for the remaining three:


Outerbike has made the difficult decision of canceling its next three Outerbike events: Killington, Crested Butte and Duluth.

Due to everything learned from the state health departments, cities, and counties, group sizes will still be limited in July and August, ultimately preventing us from holding these three events.

Outerbike will be offering guests credit for any future Outerbike event through 2021, in addition to giving them an additional free ticket to bring a friend, as well as reaching out to exhibitors individually to work out details about these cancellations and about future plans for 2020 and beyond.

As of this time, Outerbike feels strongly that the fall events, and all three September and October events -- South Lake Tahoe, Bentonville and Moab -- are still happening. We hope to see you there and look forward to a time when we're all back together riding bikes.

See the website for all COVID-related news and announcements:


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6/17/2020 7:21 AM

USA Cycling sent the following about MTB National Champs. As of now, DH/Enduro and XC at Winter Park, but on separate weekends. Paragraph in bold below explains. Current dates are Downhill and Enduro at Winter Park, August 13-16 then XC at Winter Park, August 20-23. They'll update again on June 30 and we will too.

This week we would have been enjoying our fourth year in Knoxville, TN while providing everyone with great coverage of our Pro Road races. Instead, we’re still working from home, trying to piece together what we can for the remainder of the year as we know so many of you are.

We have continued to work with our partner Winter Park Resort, along with local government agencies, on Mountain Bike Nationals. We are working on several options to meet the mass gathering requirements set by the State and County. To meet these requirements, we are exploring running downhill, enduro and cross-country only- in time trial format on two separate weekends. Aside from our obligations to meet local permitting requirement, we want to make sure that we offer our participants and event that is as safe as possible. We have indicated the dates below and hope to have an update within a week’s time.

As we continue conversations with other venues, municipalities and health departments we may need to alter the format of our other National Championships to abide by regulations, as well as keep all riders safe. We should have more information in the coming weeks and will keep you informed as these conversations evolve.

We recognize that changes such as these may dishearten those who have been holding out hope for a sense of normalcy that comes with a regular training schedule and a quest for Nationals. We and our Local Organizing Committees have worked through countless options for our National Championships and this is one additional option that may be needed for safety and to meet regulations.

We want to be clear that even though events may be currently postponed, if we cannot reasonably ensure the safety of our members, volunteers and host communities we will not run a National Championship.

We will continue to provide status updates over the next couple of months and we will not open any registration until we are confident we can successfully and safely hold an event.

Please continue to ride safe, enjoy each day in the saddle and we’ll be in touch.


6/22/2020 10:45 AM

Transcadia canceled. I received this from a rider who signed up and included this note. -gordo
"As someone who was registered for the race, I'm pretty ticked off about how they're handling the financials. I'm happy to support trail advocacy and development, but I don't expect that many of the riders who were registered for the 2020 race were planning to make a $1K donation to trail building.

Compared to, say, the BCBR that's letting racers apply 100% of their entry fees to the 2021, 2022 or 2023 races, Trans-Cascadia's "50% refund and $300 off next year" is an insult to 2020 racers who invested in both the race, and the cause."
Official annoucement
Trans-Cascadia 2020 Canceled
This has been a difficult year and current events are challenging and serious as we sit here and try to plan a race. We have been existing for months in the painful situation of not knowing what to do.

We consulted our volunteers, staff, local community, medical professionals, Forest Service, and government officials. At the end of the day, these are the questions that we had to ask ourselves about holding the 2020 event.

Is it socially responsible?
Are we guaranteed we can have the race?
Can all of our racers and staff travel to the race currently?
Can we afford to wait until September to cancel and survive as a company?
Are we where we need to be in trail work (due to travel restrictions and the cancellation of work parties)?

The answer to all these questions is no. And that is why we made the decision to cancel the race. By avoiding the additional rental fees that come with committing to the event, we can still offer 50% refunds, have small build parties, continue our year-round advocacy for the backcountry trails, and have a race in 2021.

Registered racers for this year will receive 50% of their entry fees back and guaranteed entry for 2021 at a reduced entry rate of $2000 ($300 off).

As the advocacy and trail work that makes Trans-Cascadia a reality is ongoing and year-round, half of the funds that you have invested with us have already been spent on reclaiming the backcountry trails that were intended to be in the race this year (we started the work in October 2019) as well as, on continuing the important work of protecting all the mountain bike access to this and previous TC locations in the backcountry. Trans-Cascadia operates as a registered non-profit, therefore these fees can be claimed as a tax-deductible donation (details below).

We know that we did everything we could to navigate these hard times and that this is just a really shitty situation for everyone involved. Cancelling the event has never been on our radar before 2020 and so it is hard to find the words to communicate the difficulty of this decision. We've lost a lot of sleep over this, and won't be sleep any better having decided to cancel the race.

Please click the link below by July 15, 2020 to request your refund.

How Your Investment Is Spent
Trans-Cascadia operates year-round as a trail advocacy group. The blind racing event held in the fall each year is a celebration of the work that has been completed in reclaiming and accessing backcountry trails.

Fees from the race are spent in two ways:
- Advocacy and trail work: tool libraries, trail building supplies and fuel, travel for meetings and scouting work, hosting work parties, year-round operating costs, permits, mapping
- Race Infrastructure: food, rentals, staff, permits

Work on the following year begins one month after the end of the race. By the end of October, the TC team is already back working the backcountry, attending meetings, advocating for access, and building relationships with other local user groups. By following this model, we have opened hundreds of miles of previously unmaintained trails in order to protect mountain biking access in the backcountry.

If you have any questions about how and where your entry fees are spent, please do not hesitate to contact us

Taxable Donation Information
Your entry fee is tax-deductible. TAX ID # 47-3339729 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization.

6/22/2020 10:07 PM

Honestly what a crock of shit. Registration went live on the 25th of Feb and Washington state went into lock down in march 23rd. They really blow half of their trail crew budget in one month when everything is buried in snow? For anyone wondering you and 3 other friends can finance a month long trip through Canada living like kings for one entry fee.


6/23/2020 2:22 AM

Like all non-profits, they incur a lots of expenses with all that customized Patagonia gear for the crew.


6/23/2020 6:08 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/23/2020 6:40 AM

I know it s tough for organizers, but this has been a world crisis and there should be exceptions to the rules in those conditions.
It s ok to donate couple hundred dollars to the trails, but not a paycheck worth.

6/23/2020 8:13 AM

I'm in a similar position with an event I signed up for (and paid a ton of money for back in October) in a different sport. The organizer is even backed by Red Bull (its a "red bull signature event").

They FINALLY "postponed" the event, and are still not giving refunds.

I understand its a tricky situation, but we're ALL in tricky situations. I have had to make cuts and plan my life accordingly, like I'm sure everyone has - (I know, its not equal across the board).

Regardless, its a huge turn off when an organizer pulls this. To my point, I really wanted to do the race above, but I won't support a race organizer who takes this kind of liberty with other people's money.


6/24/2020 7:42 AM

EU considers ban on US travelers to europe? could make world cup and ews interesting if it held through fall. (yes, this is very preliminary and sounds like up to individual countries to actually make decisions, but considering spikes in the US, wouldn't be surprising to me)
or (any other news site)


6/25/2020 10:20 AM

Here is an update for the upcoming Downhill Southeast race:

"The second race in our series scheduled for Beech Mountain, July 11th -12th will be moved to Windrock Bike Park due to updated restrictions in NC. Windrock will have two new racecourses and allow us to operate the race under the TN state guidelines. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Our goal is to put on a great bike race while following all local rules and guidelines"


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6/25/2020 10:39 AM

Trans-Cascadia refund update - entries can now be deferred to the 2021 event
We issued a statement on Monday about the cancellation of the 2020 Trans-Cascadia and it only offered one option for this year's registered racers. We have since taken in the feedback that was provided by some of you and realized our error.

These are unprecedented times and we admittedly don’t have all the answers. As the only multi-day event that is created solely as the result of a non-profit advocacy group and the work of volunteers, we are unable to look to other events to pave the way for these decisions. Our situation is therefore incredibly unique and especially challenging. That said, we will always listen to our racer's concerns as we continue to learn and evolve as an organization.

After further review, we will offer an alternative solution; you can defer your entry to 2021.

Thank you for your support of Trans-Cascadia and for signing up for our 2020 race. This event and advocacy work protecting our backcountry riding areas couldn't happen without you - our community of racers - and we are extremely grateful for your support, patience, and feedback.


Alex, Nick, and Tommy
If you have already completed the form and don't want to defer, you have nothing left to do. If you still need to make or revise your selection, please do so before July 15, 2020.




6/30/2020 8:46 AM

U.S. citizens (and those from other countries) not allowed to travel to Europe for now.
------From the article------
The allowed countries to the EU are:
New Zealand
South Korea
China (subject to confirmation of reciprocity)

It's up to each EU member state to decide how to implement the list — but the European Council says none of them should unilaterally lift travel restrictions on a "non-listed" country.

...the bloc plans to revise [the travel ban] on a regular basis, as frequently as every two weeks.

There is still two months before the first re-scheduled World Cup, so plenty can change. If this travel restriction is in place when World Cups or EWS races start, however, can it really be a "World" Cup or Enduro "World" Series? The revised 2020 World Cup DH schedule is here


6/30/2020 12:24 PM

Given what's happening in Slovenia currently, a second wave in July looks to be very likely.


6/30/2020 5:12 PM

And given the way that my fellow Muricans are acting, we may never be allowed outside of our country again. It is not your God given right to spread viruses! Wear a damn mask fools!


6/30/2020 6:56 PM

Big Bird wrote:

And given the way that my fellow Muricans are acting, we may never be allowed outside of our country again. It is not your God given right to spread viruses! Wear a damn mask fools!

We are definitely going on double secret probation here in the USA. Amen to wearing the face mask/shield protection.


7/1/2020 7:21 AM

apparently hardline has been canceled and there are unconfirmed rumblings of les get WC being canceled.


7/1/2020 7:34 AM

Big Bird wrote:

And given the way that my fellow Muricans are acting, we may never be allowed outside of our country again. It is not your God given right to spread viruses! Wear a damn mask fools!

Nobody can take your freedom!


7/1/2020 9:36 AM

Sea Otter fall canceled.

Dear Sea Otter Classic Supporter,

First of all, thank you for your overwhelming support of the Sea Otter Classic. As previously noted, our management team has been preparing to host the event in October. After frequent discussions with Monterey County health officials, it has become clear that we cannot host an event that will meet our health and safety standards. This has always been our top priority. Consequently, we have decided to cancel the Sea Otter Classic scheduled for October 1-4, 2020. The Bicycle Leadership Conference is also canceled. More information regarding the cancellation of the Sea Otter Classic and the Bicycle Leadership Conference will be available on July 17th.

While a year without Sea Otter is hard to comprehend, we knew this was a possibility. So, we’ve been developing a new event to keep us all connected. We are pleased to bring you Sea Otter Play presented by Continental! This premier immersive virtual experience will feature over 350 innovative cycling companies in a digital format. The event will include several cycling challenges, fundraising for COVID-19 relief, and cycling’s largest digital festival. Our partners from Sea Otter Europe, Sea Otter Canada, and Sea Otter Australia will join us in this inaugural event.

“As a presenting sponsor of all Sea Otter global events, Sea Otter Play represents an innovative opportunity to connect with riders around the world,” Oliver Anhuth, Global Head of Marketing for Continental Bicycle Tires.

Sea Otter Play will be held during September 2020. The ride challenges will start on September 1st and the festival will be held September 17-20. The industry response to this event has been terrific. For many sponsors and exhibitors, this will be their first opportunity to showcase their latest innovations to a global audience. We’re excited about what our September event will bring to the cycling industry and are making every effort to ensure your faith in us is rewarded with fun for you and your family.

“With new challenges come new opportunities. SRAM is excited to take part in Sea Otter Play.” David Zimberoff, vice president of marketing at SRAM.

Thank you again for your support during these challenging times. We encourage you to stay connected to our events and social channels for news and updates in the coming weeks. From all of us at the Sea Otter Classic, be safe. We look forward to hosting you digitally in September and being back with you in Monterey in April 2021!

Frank Yohannan
President & CEO
Sea Otter Classic, Inc.


7/1/2020 1:44 PM

USAC mountain bike national champs (and other events) canceled
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – This update comes after months of working through numerous plans and options and is written with disappointment, as we are unfortunately forced to announce the cancellation of multiple National Championships for the 2020 season. Throughout this time, we have worked to create alternative dates in the hopes that COVID-19 cases would decrease, sought alternative locations where needed, and looked to modify our events in order to mitigate risk and meet local regulations and requirements.

As we have gotten closer to decision dates, it has become clear that many of the challenges in conducting safe and fair Nationals are insurmountable. In the end, we do not feel confident that we can ensure the safety of our participants, volunteers, staff, and host communities.

While we are seeing a return of local rides and races in some areas, Nationals draw a large number of people from around the country. When combined with the challenges of obtaining local permissions and permits, having to heavily modify event formats, and facing financial concerns within both our organization and local organizing committees, we have had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the following events for 2020:

USA Cycling Pro Road National Championships

USA Cycling Amateur Road National Championships

USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships

USA Cycling Gran Fondo National Championships

USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships

USA Cycling Elite and Junior Track National Championships

USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships

We want to thank all of the partners who worked with us over the last three months as we explored options to hold these events. They were also looking forward to hosting you and they have been incredibly supportive of date changes and flexible with format changes.

We are continuing to work through options for our fall Collegiate events, Marathon MTB, and Cyclocross Nationals and will continue to communicate the status of these events.

We have already begun to plan next year’s Nationals and will be releasing dates and locations shortly. In addition, we will allow those current National Champions who are otherwise eligible to continue to wear the Stars and Stripes jerseys through the 2021 event.

We understand this news has been difficult to read, and it has been hard to write. It is difficult to fully express our disappointment in how this season has developed for everyone. Please be safe and enjoy some time on the bike, we remain committed to the future of National Championships and look forward to seeing you at next year’s events.

2020 USA Cycling Pro Road National Championship
June 18-21

2020 USA Cycling Amateur Road National Championship
June 25-28

2020 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championship
June 30-July 5

2020 USA Cycling Para Track National Championship
June 30-July 5

2020 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championship
July 6-12

2020 USA Cycling Gran Fondo National Championship
July 19

2020 USA Cycling Elite Track National Championship
July 20-26

2020 USA Cycling Junior Track National Championship
July 20-26

2020 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championship
July 30-August 2

2020 USA Cycling Collegiate Track National Championship
September 10-13
Unchanged at this time

July 31
2020 USA Cycling Freestyle BMX National Championship
No additional info at this time

July 31
2020 USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championship
October 15-18
Unchanged at this time

July 31
2020 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championship
September 12
November 14
July 31
September 1
2020 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championship
December 8-13
Unchanged at this time

July 31
September 15
*Unless relevant information dictates an earlier notification.

For more information, please contact Tara McCarthy at

Visit for more information on the athletes, events and membership programs, and follow @USACycling across all channels for the latest on Team USA.

USA Cycling is a proud member of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC). Within the United States, USA Cycling is the national governing body for the sport of cycling and oversees the disciplines of road, track, mountain bike, cyclocross, and BMX. With a mission to develop the sport of cycling in the United States and to achieve sustained international racing success, USA Cycling supports cyclists at all levels, from those just beginning in the sport and participating in fun rides to seasoned professionals. The organization not only identifies, develops, and selects cyclists to represent the United States in international competition, but also supports amateur bike racing through grassroots development programs and the provision of critical infrastructure to run organized racing.

USA Cycling is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020. In 1920, the organization began as The Amateur Bicycle League of America and evolved to become the United States Cycling Federation in 1975 and ultimately USA Cycling, Inc. in 1995. USA Cycling's 100,000+ members are comprised of racers and cyclists of all ages and abilities, coaches, officials, mechanics, and race directors.


7/1/2020 3:40 PM

Definitely a bummer but the right call. Let's just hope for a good racing season in 2021


7/1/2020 4:07 PM

Primoz wrote:

Nobody can take your freedom!

But one can give it, for the common good.


7/2/2020 7:36 AM

chrisjohnson22 wrote:

Definitely a bummer but the right call. Let's just hope for a good racing season in 2021

Exactly my thoughts.


7/2/2020 12:16 PM

It didn’t have to be like this, we are a very stubborn bunch and we will pay dearly over the next 8 months