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Vital MTB member miniyanto
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5/26/2013 1:55 PM

Hi ive found a really god deal on a bike from an indoesian company called and the deal seems almost too good to be true, so i was wondering if anyone has had any past experience with the company and if they can be trusted?


Vital MTB member Sharpy225
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5/27/2013 1:29 AM

I wouldn't, normally if something seems to good to be true it is.


Vital MTB member Ram
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7/15/2013 8:28 PM

I have no idea about that site which you specified.Because yet now I didn't purchase any thing from them.You can find the site is legit or not by using this simple way. First order any low cost products at them. If they delivered the product in correct time then you can go there to buy products at high cost. You can also find whether the site is trustable or not by contacting the owner of that website directly. You need to know his address or phone number to do so. To know the address or phone number of the owner of the website visit the site . Every one should provide their original address and phone number while registering their domain name. On seeing the details itself you can identify whether it is original or fake. If it is fake,don't buy products from them anymore.