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tyler_a tyler_a
8/25/2015 2:23 AM

hey on my new dirtjump bike on the suspension at the top below where the relod things are it says airpl does this mean they are air or what does this mean?

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FredLikesTrikes FredLikesTrikes
8/25/2015 10:07 PM

Air Pre-Load - it's an air spring used to adjust the pre-load on your "main" spring.
From Marz:
Spring preload can be done with the external adjusters on top of the fork. Preloading the springs will compress them slightly and increase the initial force needed to compress the spring. Bomber forks can use the maximum amount of preload from the adjuster and the fork will still get full travel. Spring preload is used to fine tune the spring rate to adjust for the proper sag measurement. Minimal spring preload is recommended for better performance and longer working life of the springs, so it is better to change to a stiffer spring rate than to add significant preload (10+ turns.)

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