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Your Favorite Bike?

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11/1/2010 7:41 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:19 AM

This thread is dedicated to your favorite bike. It can be past, present or even future. Show some pics, share some stories and spread the stoke!

Here's my favorite bike...for now : )



11/1/2010 9:43 PM

My monty X-alps trials bike, it amuses me in a way no otherbike can and brings back memories of what first got me on my bike.


11/2/2010 10:31 PM

My favorite bike (now surpassing the old ASXs we used to have that I know Spomer has photos of) is the 2009 Trek Remedy 7 that I can't seem to put up for sale. I know, I know... "how pure and core is that man?" But let me tell you a little about this bike:

-I bought this bike on pro deal during my senior year of college and slowly rebuilt it with a parts kit that would make any gear whore at least moderately lust for. I didn't ride the thing until the whole bike was built as I wanted it, fresh rubber and all.
-I drifted flat corners in Palmer Park between classes on that bike -I spent evenings at the BMX track doing power hours on that bike
-I spent 4 days in the ICU... as a result of riding that bike!
-I recovered by riding that bike on the Santa Fe trail even though it was way too big of a bike to be riding on a gravel trail but it was soft and kept the internal organs it had blown up 3 weeks earlier from hurting too much.
-I dirtjumped that bike on the biggest line at the dirt jumps down by the creek in Whistler!
-I rode that bike on a camping trip in Buffalo Creek celebrating my wife and I's second anniversary.
-I hammered that bike up grueling climbs to help escape the pain of our divorce!
-I've pedaled that bike to the bar, I've run it into shit on the way home.
-I've jumped every single jump on Rainmaker on that bike and I followed that old guy Marky Mark over the Beall UcanB double on it a few times too.
-I jumped at an old favorite dirt jump spot in the valley that I hadn't been to since junior year of high school on that bike.
-I put a chain guide on that bike and raced it in the Pro Slalom race at Crankworx Colorado. I qualified in front of Logan Binggeli! That was kinda cool!
-I let my friend Andy borrow that bike for Bike Patrol and he was on that bike when Snake Oil wrecked himself.
-I did a 30 mile XC ride on that bike that included 7000 vertical feet of climbing and descending
-I almost got run over by a Bull Moose in Fraser on that bike. That was last week!

Now it's fall and I swore I was going to get rid of it. The bushings are so worn out in my Lyric that the fork flexes laterally and torsionally, the rear shock has 1/8 of an inch of emptiness at the top of the stroke, the top tube damned near has a hole in it from the brake lever body snagging it as the bars spin around when I knife it into corners. If you were to look closely across that bike, in between the particles of dried mud aquired from rallying down Bear Creek, I promise you'll find blood, sweat AND tears. At what point do you develop a full blown relationship with a bike?


11/8/2010 2:29 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:19 AM

Currently, my favorite bike is my 2003 Kona Kahuna.

I was introduced to mountain biking through my brothers, who were both purely into freeride. My first "real" bike was an inherited Bighit Spec, which I had no chance of pedaling up a hill. So throughout the years, I've always pushed up, never once staying in the saddle and pedaling. And then I found this, an old family bicycle buried deep in a closet. This Kona has made me think deeply about mountain biking. It has made me abandon my principles and has forced me to admit that there really is fun to be had in pedaling up a trail. Unlike the dude above me who seems to think it's cool to abuse your almost brand new stuff, I cherish this thing. It kills me to ride a stock bike, but the budget was low for this ride. An old BlingBling tire from a fourcross buddy replaced the hard, skinny front, and a random Hussefelt stem replaced the giraffe that was formerly on there.

When the derailleur bent, I chose to convert it into a tensioner, and removed the large ring at the same time, leaving the 2x1 drivetrain you see here. The only thing I've paid for on this bike are the Sensus grips (Sensus grips are awesome, bee tee dub).

So there, my favorite bike is a 33 pound, 80 mm, two speed cross country bike. When something breaks, I'll replace it. But it seems just fine for now.

Alex (I felt I should sign after that essay)


11/8/2010 2:40 PM

that's an awesome "essay" alex! thanks for sharing!