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XC 29er's...buying advice

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10/11/2013 7:20 PM

Hi all...looking to buy a new XC rig. I want something light or that can be built light w/o a 2nd mortgage. Have been considering the following:
1) Niner Jet 9 carbon
2) Epic expert carbon
3) Pivot mach 429 carbon
4) Santa Cruz Tall boy carbon

All 4 seem to have good write ups in various other forums and magazine reviews. Anyone have 'real world' experience with any of these? Intended use will be about 75-80% XC and 20% play. Budget is around $6000 to $6500...thanks. :

Any advice/experience with any of these bikes would be appreciated. Getting back into MTB and want to start racing XC.


2/25/2014 4:41 PM

Just noticed your forum question and wondered what you ended up doing? If you are still in the market go SS! You will be in a competitive bike starting around $1k and pimped at $2k and they are a blast to ride. I've got a Transition Covert 29er and 5 to 1 I'm riding the SS. Never thought it would get like that but it did and quick.