What is the best bike for enduro

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4/5/2016 12:48 AM

I have been considering getting an enduro bike soon but i dont know what to buy.
what do you think would be the best but also fairly cheap.

just out of interest also...what bike has won the most ews races


4/5/2016 4:18 AM

for you fairly cheap it's what? you have to set a budget first

i would say the yeti sb6-c, but theres nothing cheap about it


4/5/2016 9:48 PM

yeah i would love that bike, i am thinking around 3 grand
would you reckommend the giant reign?


4/6/2016 12:48 AM

bbd, be sure to check out the Vital Product Guide, which contains reviews of dozens of enduro bikes.

At $3,000 the best bang for your buck may be with a company that sells direct (YT, Canyon, etc), though I'm unsure who ships to Australia.


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4/6/2016 4:15 AM
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