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What XC bike to buy?

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1/16/2015 3:01 AM

Hallo fellow riders,

I'm looking to sell my Enduro bike so I can get back on focusing on XC-riding but I have a few questions about what bike I should go for.

I originally went for the Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29" - but as mentioned in, the reviewer states the following:

"The Epic Expert Carbon World Cup might not be our first choice for an everyday trail bike but it's awesome for XC-focused racing and riding"

I don't race against others. When I had an XC bike I typically took a 40-100km. ride (25 - 62 miles). Does this Specialzed Epic bike I'm looking at serve a different purpose from what I'm looking for?

May I ask you experienced riders what you would choose? What I really like about this bike is the Brain and Swat technology, I find that very interested (though I have never tried any of it). I'm a laid back rider who doesn't care about racing, winning stuff and proving anything beside just, enjoying a ride in the forest and so forth smile

The budget I'm looking to spend is $6300 - anything cheaper will ofcourse also work! This is just my MAX budget.

I live in Denmark, I dont know if that makes any difference as to what bikes I can get my hands on without paying alot for shipping.


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1/20/2015 8:57 AM

Personally, if I were to get an XC bike on that budget, I'd look into a lightweight, short travel, 29er trail bike. If you're set on Specialized, I highly suggest checking out the Camber. It's a sick bike. Fast as can be, yet still gives you a bit of comfort for those long days in the saddle. Plus it can handle some rowdy terrain.

The EVO model gives you a little more travel, a more robust components kit including 1X and better suspension, and a slightly slacker head angle while still being very reasonable:

Both have the SWAT bottle cage (minus the lunchbox) and chain tool top cap, which are very convenient to have.


1/20/2015 8:58 AM