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sspomer sspomer
1/8/2016 7:30 AM
For those in the U.S. the $700,000,000 powerball jackpot is all over the news and people are scrambling to buy a ticket with big hopes. If I dropped into money like that I always figured I'd start a downhill race series reminiscent of IROC in auto racing. My plan would include a MASSIVE prize purse ($1mil payout or something) so sponsor obligations would not matter for the world's best riders.

10 races at 10 different venues on 10 different bikes
at each venue, riders are forced to ride identical bikes in terms of frame brand, suspension brand, drivetrain brand, brake brand and tire brand. so venue 1 would be val di sole and everyone would have to ride a v10 on fox suspension w/ shimano goods and maxxis tires. venue 2 would be a demo w/ rockshox/sram stuff and schwalbe. etc. riders could obviously tune and set up the bike as they saw fit and use any cockpit configurations they desired.

how sick would be to see gwin, greg, loic, sam and all the top 20 guys race identical bikes on the same course?? i know it's a pipe dream b/c of sponsorship, but "if i were a rich man", i'd try to make it happen.

edit: they may all have to ride flat pedals too : )

what would you do for MTB if you had $1,300,000,000?

edit - IT'S NOW $1.3 BILLION.
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AdamO AdamO
1/8/2016 7:40 AM

If I was a millionaire I'd pay Gwinny for christs sake what he wants. But he need to be back on 26inch rig ]:->

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scarface scarface
1/8/2016 7:42 AM

I want to be nice but I also want ENVE rims and i don't know if I'd have any change left afterwards? So if I had I would totally invite some bros riding someplace nice. Yeah.

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responsiblepirate responsiblepirate
1/8/2016 7:53 AM

Buy a mountain, build a chairlift, build a settlement at bottom of said mountain- invite riders, watch the trails appear. heaven.

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Fredleth Fredleth
1/8/2016 7:53 AM

Uhh nice, I like this game.
Would probably start my own downhill series with fair prize money, the ones in the World Cup now are a joke.

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boogenman boogenman
1/8/2016 7:59 AM

I would buy a ton of land, build a nice house with a big garage and training center. Train and ride everyday like Jared Graves. In the summer I would ride and race at the best places in North America traveling in style with a ton of toys with one of these:


I would also buy Aaron Gwin's future contract out just because I can.

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liquidSpin liquidSpin
1/8/2016 8:03 AM

That's a little excessive to think about. If I won that much money I wouldn't spend it all on mountain biking alone.

I'm not implying that the question is "what would you do with all of the money for MTB" No, I'm just making it clear that I would definitely put that money to a whole lot of different stuff.

$350,000,000 medical research, environmental causes, animal preservation and education would be where the main charitable contributions I give would go.

Let's be real, I'd keep 30 million for me and my close friends and family so they never have to worry. 2 million would go strictly go towards investments so that I can continue donating to my choice of charities.

$200,000,000 will be for undecided stuff.

As for MTB, I think the idea of putting bikes into a lot of peoples hands would be beneficial. Sure you'll have those who won't ride it as much or take care of their bikes or maybe they'll just sell it for $$. However, I believe that most would benefit from having a free bike. It would encourage them to ride more. Commute on bike more than just driving all the time. The more people riding the more it will influence the government to make commuting more practical and safe.

If more people had bikes (especially mid level bikes not some cheapo one) they'd feel inclined to spend money. This is where Local Bike shops, online retailers, and component manufacturers would benefit.

Then those companies can sponsor more events, help maintain and build newer and better trails.

So, putting a nice bike into peoples hands will start a ripple effect that would then help our community grow. For the poor they would get commuter/city bikes. For the middle class they would get a choice of Road or MTB. For the wealthy they don't get anything.

And no, i'm not talking about giving every single person in america a new bike. Just what ever $118,000,000...which is a fucking lot.

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sspomer sspomer
1/8/2016 8:05 AM
liquidSpin wrote:

That's a little excessive ...more

i never said it all had to go to MTB

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cake1dlx cake1dlx
1/8/2016 8:09 AM

I would spend a solid month or two traveling the world to ride anywhere I wanted with friends and wives/girlfriends to start. The riding would be on brand new bikes of course.

Founding and building a bike park like Highland (MTB dedicated) would also be amazing and fill my time since normal work/jobs would not be an option. The park would have a brewery, since my friends and I brew beer, and biking and beer go hand in hand (not during of course). The park would offer riding year round and possibly at night with lit trails (endless money, endless possibilities).

Other than that, charity work via MTB related events. Always nice to give back.

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kidwoo kidwoo
1/8/2016 8:21 AM

1: Make sure the sustainable trails coalition had enough scratch to do what they need to do.

2: Hire bike park managers that have a F@#$%ing clue at every mountain on the west coast. They can't seem to manage that on their own.

3: Fest series park in every town.

4: Hookers and blow for best whip.

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LukeD LukeD
1/8/2016 8:31 AM

Nothing. It's not exactly a profitable investment. Buy some new bikes and ride them, ride them everywhere. I would put together a year of just riding, nothing else, in every part of the world.

Keep my investments separate from my leisure.

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Eisma Eisma
1/8/2016 8:34 AM
cake1dlx wrote:

I would spend a solid ...more

A month or two? I would spend at least one or two years if not longer traveling the world riding places.

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Big Bird Big Bird
1/8/2016 8:45 AM

Buy Whisler and open it up to the world for free.

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1/8/2016 8:50 AM

I'd spend a lot on making the world a better place, then the rest I'd create a company that would provide proper mountain bikes with proper geometry and componentry for not much money at all. Or I'd buy Shimano or SRAM and force them to develop gearboxes.

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Verbl Kint Verbl Kint
1/8/2016 9:02 AM

Build a bike park near Manila; hiring consultants to come up with a viable business model, for it to be self-sustaining. It should come with DH and XC WC-level tracks, and maybe an indoor pump track. Build a foundation for youth development with the aim of having a Junior World Champion (XC and DH) within 10 years.

As for me, I will be traveling the world riding different trails for at least a year.

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bizutch bizutch
1/8/2016 9:27 AM

I would buy the mountain I have my eye on here and build an East Coast Whistler. My family and I would rip until couldn't rip anymore...and then fly to Whistler to rip there.

Trouble Maker. Here to spit truth in the form of sarcasm.

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hotrodmarlin hotrodmarlin
1/8/2016 9:33 AM

I would fully fund an endowment that would cover expenses to build asphalt pumptracks, dirt jumps, or freeride parks in any municipality that would agree by contract to provide the resources for long term upkeep and maintenance.

I would also start a fund that would provide financial assistance to any entity or person that is sued because of injuries from cycling activities provided the person/institution carried a minimum insurance requirement. This would offer more piece of mind to the municipality or property owner.

I would put a focus on marketing materials and ease of information so that any average 17yr old kid would have all the info and resources needed to make a legitimate proposal to his/her city/town/county/church/community, etc.

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toddtoth toddtoth
1/8/2016 9:59 AM

I like dreaming. And I'm in the game since I dropped 10 large (that's $10) on Powerball last night.

I'd build lots of trails all over the country. Easy ones, hard ones, pump tracks, natural, bike parks. This would be the bulk of the spending. IMO trails are a big gateway to getting people riding.

I'd sponsor local team and shredders with new bikes and parts. And pop for a trip a year to great riding spots.

I like the idea of owning a big plot of my own land somewhere remote. Big hill with a lift, lots of trail bike miles, good food and drink, cabins for people to stay, make it free for people to stay and ride.

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adrennan adrennan
1/8/2016 10:05 AM

I would buy the damn heritage square chair lift in golden and make it a bike park and solve all jefferson county trail use issues forever.

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liquidSpin liquidSpin
1/8/2016 10:29 AM
sspomer wrote:

i never said it all had to ...more

Haha which is why I wrote this:

"I'm not implying that the question is "what would you do with all of the money for MTB" No, I'm just making it clear that I would definitely put that money to a whole lot of different stuff."

I take it you only read the first sentence. No worries it was a long ass post to read.

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sspomer sspomer
1/8/2016 10:48 AM

busted, i only skimmed your post LOL. if i win the lotto, i'll send you a million for being so thorough!

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iceman2058 iceman2058
1/8/2016 10:48 AM

Build the world's sickest bike park, and enjoy running that for the next 30 years or so. Free to ride, needless to say.

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patrickjmale patrickjmale
1/8/2016 11:17 AM

Build a comprehensive network of asphalt pumptracks / flow trails that connect every corner of San Francisco so that everyone from your local barista to Zuckerberg can pump their way to work, shred their way to their dentist appointment, and manual to the grocery store.

...Then other big cities see how much fun we're all having, how good our air quality has gotten, and how healthy the population has become, and it spreads... Eventually, the entire global population will get around using only pumptracks and hyperloops.


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Bitumen83 Bitumen83
1/8/2016 11:24 AM

I would be organise enduro competition in my country because there is not such thing in Serbia ffs AND buy my self proper full sus bike !

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Reformed Roadie Reformed Roadie
1/8/2016 11:33 AM

Hookers and blow FTW!

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BigBoi BigBoi
1/8/2016 12:01 PM

Buy a new phone.
Call CPA, attorney, advisor, parents. Give them and only them the new number. Go to exotic island.
Let it .......Soak Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Scharney127 Scharney127
1/8/2016 12:01 PM

In order of what I would do:
1. Buy a set of 27.5" wheels for my downhill bike and have 2 wheel sets
2. Purchase the land Carlmont is on
3. Build a residence on the land
4. Install chairlift & lights on 1 or 2 runs
5. Build more trails & pay my friends to help cut them in
6. Fence it off to keep stoners out and still allow everyone with a bike to ride there
7. Build a "Stoner Grotto" outside the fence with a view (the stoners can still have that part of the hill, I don't see any sustainable trails/features going in over there)


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mixmastamikal mixmastamikal
1/8/2016 12:39 PM

2 chick's at the same time.

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sspomer sspomer
1/8/2016 1:17 PM
mixmastamikal wrote:

2 chick's at the same ...more



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FredLikesTrikes FredLikesTrikes
1/8/2016 1:19 PM

I was gonna say start a race series too, but Spomer's sounds way better than mine.

I'd buy a life long member pass at Retallack (do they even offer that, everyone has their price).

Sports Mobile... Four of them.... One for each season.

Buy a few houses, profit.

Charity. Sike.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

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