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3/14/2011 5:55 PM

I just wanted to draw attention to a certain issue going on over at USA Cycling. A few of my riders came up for their pro "gravity" upgrade with USAC. They both got upgraded from Cat 1, but with one exception. They only got a partial gravity upgrade. I asked the same question. "What the h-e double hockey sticks is a partial upgrade"? It's what you get when a USAC official has power over, but no knowledge of the sport and/or it's riders. So after consulting my licensing attorney (always retain one as an aerospace worker) I fought it out with USAC and won; both riders got their upgrade. So now we have a written precedent to use in the future if anyone needs it. Remember USAC is run by lawyers, and this is all that matters when it comes to fights like this.

In the past if you upgraded from Expert (Cat1) to pro in gravity that meant that upgrade was good for racing pro class in DH/DS/4X. Correct me if I'm wrong. Well of the two riders in question one got upgraded to pro DS/4X but not DH. The female rider was upgraded to DH but not DS/4X. Here is the rule directly copied and pasted from the USAC rule book and tell me what you all think. I want to draw you attention to the VERY FIRST LINE. There own rulebook classifies it as one discipline "Gravity". If anyone else has had this happen please contact your regional USAC rep and point out that [Regulation 1D6.] Mountain Bike upgrades states the following:

Pro upgrades for Endurance (XCO) and Gravity (DH/MX)
The following types of races are used for upgrading purposes: USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Calendar (MBNC) events American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC) events
Category 1 riders may be eligible to be upgraded to Pro after achieving a combination of these minimum race results: two top-three category 1 (rider ability) finishes according to finish time (including all classes in category 1) at USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Calendar events; or three top-five Category 1 (rider ability) finishes according to finish time (including all age classes in category 1) at USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Calendar Category events
AMBC and international events may also be considered. Overall finish times are factored into upgrade requests. Riders
must submit their upgrade requests through their USA Cycling online membership account.