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Transition Patrol Alloy GX Vs. Norco Range A1

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2/15/2019 4:17 PM

I totalled my current bike and am looking to get either a Patrol Alloy GX or a Range A1. The Patrol is better with upgrades like full GX Eagle drivetrain (compared to part NX Eagle, part GX Eagle), Code RSC brakes (compared to Code R) and a Grip2 damper (compared to Fit4). It also has a better dropper and better rims. I can get a deal on the Transition but the price difference is still around $1200.

Is the extra $1200 worth it?

Thanks guys!

Worth the extra $1200?


2/17/2019 3:49 AM

Yes. Many have commented that the Patrol's current geo is the future of aggressive mountain bikes.

The verdict's still out on that one but other manufacturers (i.e. Yeti) have followed suit.


8/20/2019 8:01 AM

Get patrol smile I've been in love with the older generation patrols for years. Still haven't had a proper ride on the new bike, but parking lot tests tell me the geo is better.


8/20/2019 8:12 AM

take the component upgrades


8/20/2019 8:14 AM

The alloy GX build is the best-value buy on the market right now. $1200 get's you a whole lot of bang for your buck - you're buying tech, not hype.