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sspomer sspomer
6/3/2021 3:17 PM

toyota capturing the pure essence of mountain biking. these posts are a few days old but hilarious. the comments are even better. #sellyour4runnerifyouloveMTB


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Captain.Zach Captain.Zach
6/3/2021 4:16 PM

That's a sweet bike you got there boy! What is it, a huffy?! -Ricky Bobby's dad.

They ust have bought it in the middle of quarantine. V-brakes, kickstand, and 600mm handlebar. It was probably the best bike available last year.

Yo, @toyota.....
$50,000 truck.... $300 bike..... it's usually the other way around

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Pinch Flat Pinch Flat
6/3/2021 4:19 PM

Too funny. Love how all the pros are ripping in also. But to their credit, Toyota USA are responding to a lot of comments and having a laugh about it. I can imagine it's going to the the best bike ever in their next campaign.

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dolface dolface
6/3/2021 4:30 PM
Pinch Flat wrote:

Too funny. Love how all ...more

There is such a thing as bad publicity and this ain't it. They fucked up, adapted and are running with it.

As much as we complain about marketing it's what sells bikes (that's what racing is) so props to them.

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Scrub Scrub
6/3/2021 5:09 PM

"Oh what a feeling!"

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jimmypop jimmypop
6/3/2021 6:20 PM

Thank God a Trumpore brother weighed in.

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schwaaa31 schwaaa31
6/3/2021 6:52 PM
jimmypop wrote:

Thank God a Trumpore ...more


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DanTheBikerMan DanTheBikerMan
6/3/2021 11:19 PM

Lmao that’s hilarious. I could make a better ad with my 15 year old Tacoma and 10 year old bike.

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Scht!cky Scht!cky
6/3/2021 11:49 PM
Captain.Zach wrote:

That's a sweet bike you ...more

I didn't notice the kick stand. That bike and full face. Run what ya brung bro!

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Randomscruff Randomscruff
6/4/2021 3:25 AM

Some rando’s comment: “wtf is that guy wearing dh gear on a Walmart bike”.
Toyota’s response: “gettin’ ready to shred the gnar”.

Hahah so good.

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Bob Chicken Bob Chicken
6/4/2021 3:43 AM

Because he is like: "I'm only posing with this thing if you give me full face and goggles"... laughing

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zach morris zach morris
6/4/2021 4:09 AM

Toyota: How do we get the entire cycling world to talk about Toyota?

Ad Agency: Hold my beer...

tyo tout terrain

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Jaymz Jaymz
6/4/2021 4:29 AM

The Ridgeline has taken over as the ultimate utility rig anyways. Time to sell your Taco's and get in one.

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mfoga mfoga
6/4/2021 6:02 AM

Well the ad got lots of eyes on it. I mean how many of would have seen the ad if not for the horrible bike.

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Ahab Ahab
6/4/2021 6:25 AM

Look, at least he's not carrying the bike across a log over a stream

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avlfj40 avlfj40
6/4/2021 6:35 AM

Well, no rack so the bike was hidden in the 4runner and the talent said WTF when it was pulled out.

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slowroller slowroller
6/4/2021 12:49 PM

Nate Hills does toyota commercials. Just sayin.

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SomeGuy SomeGuy
6/8/2021 7:51 PM
slowroller wrote:

Nate Hills does toyota ...more

Just sayin...

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